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Civic Engagement Advisory

By Communications
On Tuesday, September 13, the senior class welcomed guest speaker Barbara Bry P’00 during advisory. Bry is the first high-tech entrepreneur to be a candidate for the San Diego City Council. She spoke about the role the city council plays as the legislative branch of government for the city and how local government decisions may have an impact on students’ lives.

She discussed ways to keep San Diego safe, clean and prosperous by advocating for clean water, pristine beaches, pothole-free streets, and safe, livable neighborhoods. Bry encouraged students to get involved with their community, conserve water, and play a part in taking care of our environment to preserve our natural resources. Students also had an opportunity to register to vote in preparation for this election year. The deadline to register to vote in California is Monday, October 24.

Charlie Brown ’16 is a volunteer for Bry’s campaign as a candidate for San Diego City Council District 1. In his words, “Our elected officials are there to work for us, and we need to express our voices in the best way possible—voting for and interacting with them.”

“Barbara’s presentation to the senior class was demonstrative of Country Day’s commitment to helping our students recognize their essential role as members of their local, state and national communities,” says Jonathan Shulman, Upper School history department chair. “As Benjamin Franklin said when he was asked what type of government the Constitutional Convention had created: ‘A republic: if you can keep it!’ It is the responsibility of us all to be active and educated citizens to ensure that our free society remains free.”


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