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Congratulations to the Upper School class of 2019 and class of 2020 student award winners who were honored during Honors Convocation and Commencement. We're so proud of your commitment to excellence.

Trustees' Award

The Trustees' Award recognizes the graduate with the highest cumulative grade point average.

Newland Zhang

Faculty Prize

The Faculty Prize is awarded to two members of the senior class, who through effort and character, scholarship, arts and athletics, have best demonstrated the ideas and spirit of LJCDS.

Raquel Ramirez and Ryan Lamkin

Class of 2019 Department Awards

English: Valentina Ricardo
Mathematics: Matthew Goldschmidt
Science: Dakota Hernandez
History and Social Science: Sofia Islas
World Language: Valentina Ricardo

Class of 2020 Department Awards

English: Danielle Amir-Lobel
Design and Innovation: Sydney Strawn and Leah Weiser
Mathematics: Revyn Kim
Science: Revyn Kim
History and Social Science: Nikita Nair
World Language: Juliet Welk

La Jolla Country Day School Awards

Amy Marie Watkins Memorial Creative Writing Award: Jacob Kaplan
Amy Marie Watkins Poetry Contest Winners: Michelle Coad, Lauren Miller and Natalia Vukotich
Balmer Award for Citizenship: Sincere’ Blackmon
Darla G. Cox New Student Award: Aidan Ideker
Deora Bodley Alumni Association Award for Service: Madison Held and Melika Mirbod
Donald L. Leavenworth Award: Blake Khaleghi
Don Ings Award in Science and Engineering: Ken Lew
Grover Fang Jr. Award: Amanda Nance
Kenner Michael Spirit Award: Brianna Burg
The Rostam Reifschneider Endowed Award for Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Ken Lew
Timothy M. Burns Award: Amy Hein

Head of School Award

The Head of School Award recognizes the graduate with the second highest cumulative grade point average.

Rohan Jha

National Merit Scholarship Program

Thomas Weiner

Newland Zhang

Class of 2020 Book Awards

Bryn Mawr College: Shannon Twomey
George Washington University: Matthew Wirtz
Harvard University: Ariana Chadha
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Nicole Prescott 
St. Lawrence University: Cassidy Wechter
Tulane University: Sofia Besharati
Wellesley College: Wendy Yang
Williams College: Jacob Kagnoff
Yale University: Nicholas Doupsas

Arts and Athletic Awards

Amy Marie Watkins Memorial Performing Arts Award: Raquel Ramirez
Athlete of the Year Award: Malia Acol and Ryan Langborg
Band: Armando Gray
Caleb Goh Dance Award: Jiayi “Joy” Lin
Country Day Arts Alliance Award: William Bonitz Newman and Nathan Preciado
Hagey Girls’ Sports Participation Award: Nina Maria Khosla
Harry L. Drogin Memorial Award: Paulina Achar
Jack Wigley Award: Blake Khaleghi
Keith Heldman Music Award: Sarah Mirkhani
Orchestra: Katherine Shauh
Richard Wiles Memorial Award: Elizabeth Nelson
Scholar-Artist Award: Rachel Ruggera and Valentina Ricardo
Scholar-Athlete Award: Ryan Lamkin and Sarah Mirkhani
Torrey Booster Club Scholarship: Wynton Bastian and Marisa Urbano-Sedlund
Visual Arts: Jingyi “Vivian” Hong
William N. Goodell/Frank M. Bryant Creative Arts Award: Amy Hein

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