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Congratulations to the award winners in the senior class who were honored for their accomplishments. We're so proud of your commitment to excellence.

Trustees' Award

The Trustees' Award recognizes the graduate with the highest cumulative grade point average.

Boston Moreland

Faculty Prize

The Faculty Prize is awarded to two members of the senior class, who through effort and character, scholarship, arts and athletics, have best demonstrated the ideas and spirit of LJCDS.

Ruslana Fogler and Lauren Miller

Class of 2021 Department Awards

Design & Innovation: Brian Wu
Humanities: Claire Barnhart and Ashley Lee
Mathematics: Andrew Kuhn
Science: Vaidehi Bhavaraju
World Language: Yewon "Emily" Park

Class of 2021 LJCDS Awards

Amy Marie Watkins Memorial Creative Writing Prize: Allen Tu
Amy Marie Watkins Poetry Contest Winners: Abigail Derendinger and Anna Sassine
Balmer Award for Citizenship: Riley White
Deora Bodley Alumni Association Award for Service: Abigail Derendinger and Cassidy Ratner
Donald L. Leavenworth Award: Ainhoa Leal and Jeremiah Woods
Grover Fang Jr. Award: Alice Irvin
Kenner Michael Spirit Award: Ethan Sanders
Timothy M. Burns Award: Walter Chen

Head of School Award

The Head of School Award recognizes the graduate with the second highest cumulative grade point average.

Walter Chen and Andrew Kuhn

National Merit Scholarship

Ruslana Fogler
Andrew Kuhn
Boston Moreland

Class of 2021 Arts and Athletic Awards

Amy Marie Watkins Memorial Performing Arts Award: Sophia Cheng
Athlete of the Year Award: Jazalyn Anousinh, Samantha Francis, Benjamin Pajak and Daniel Rosenberg  
Band: Boston Moreland
Country Day Arts Alliance Award: Dallas Fadul and Jordan Salter
Hagey Girls’ Sports Participation Award: Alice Irvin
Harry L. Drogin Memorial Award: Alice Irvin
Iron Torrey: Owen Benjamin, Runxin “Sam” He, and Mia Muzquiz
Jack Wigley Award: Ethan Estrada
Keith Heldman Music Award: Elle Mangini
Orchestra: Ashley Lee
Richard Wiles Memorial Award: Lemautofi Poumele
Scholar-Artist Award: Claire Barnhart and Walter Chen
Scholar-Athlete Award: Lauren Miller and Kian Power 
Theater Tech: Dallas Fadul 
Torrey Booster Club Scholarships: Raymond "R.J." Parry and Leilah Tashakorian 
Visual Arts: Allen Tu
William N. Goodell/Frank M. Bryant Creative Arts Award: Catherine Nolan

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