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Solving the Right Problem

As in all effective problem solving, the key is in determining the “right” problem to solve. Our students learn to look beyond the immediate and obvious problem, to understand what the true problem really is. They learn to take time to research and assess the situation in order to identify the “right” problem to solve.  
To develop true innovators, we employ several basic stages in the design thinking methodology:
We consider what we currently know and think is the obvious problem.
Research and Reframe
We use ethnographic research and other methods to learn about the user and our space and to define the physical and emotional needs and drivers of that space through all three lenses (people, technology, adoption/business). Based on our research, we reframe (restate) the problem.
Prototype and Assess
We develop quick, low investment conceptual prototypes from which to learn. During the options process, we use our conceptual prototypes to have discussions with potential adopters to gain new insights about how well our solution is addressing the problem.
Based on the needs and drivers identified during our research, and the insight received during the prototyping process, we objectively assess which option best meets these needs.

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