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Learning Lunch with Dr. Gary Krahn

Learning Lunch with Head of School Dr. Gary Krahn

We invite you to join Head of School Gary Krahn, Ph.D., for a Learning Lunch. Learning Lunch presentations are part of a series. You are welcome to sign up for one or more in the series. If you have never attended a Learning Lunch before, we recommend signing up for “Presentation I: LJCDS and Education.” The Learning Lunch is free and open to the public. The lunches are held at LJCDS from 12:15-1:30 p.m on the third floor of the Jacobs Family Library Building in the LJCDS boardroom. We invite you to bring a friend, a family member or a co-worker. Reservations are required to attend. Click here to make a reservation.

Presentation I: LJCDS and Education
Dr. Krahn shares the latest in education around the world and his vision for La Jolla Country Day School. From innovations in technology to questions about human dignity to the latest thinking about the college counseling process, Dr. Krahn is always examining new ideas. His enthusiasm for learning and his passion for the development of Pre-K through Grade 12 education are infectious.

Presentation II: Perspective on Leadership
What is leadership? What does it mean to inspire greatness? How do you lead a community with dignity? How does education play a role in developing leaders? Dr. Krahn will examine the journey into leadership and concepts that will make the world a better place. Through years of research coupled with a life in leadership at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Dr. Krahn shares his findings and presents ideas worth examining.

About Gary Krahn, Ph.D.

Gary Krahn, Ph.D., believes that pre-K–12 education will define the future success of our nation and our world. As head of school, Dr. Krahn’s role is to provide an environment that develops educated, ethical, innovative and thoughtful leaders who can anticipate and respond effectively to a rapidly changing world.

Dr. Krahn’s career began in the military as a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He earned his terminal degrees in applied mathematics from the Naval Postgraduate School (CA). During his 29 years on active duty, he served in light-infantry units and as a mathematician, analyst, professor and head of the department of mathematical sciences at West Point. He retired as a Brigadier General.
Before joining LJCDS, Dr. Krahn was head of a K-12 independent school in Fort Worth, Texas, for nine years.
I thought it was great, love the personal touch Dr. Krahn is so good at giving. I would rate it a 5 [out of 5] just because I love the idea of it so much! Hope to see these continue and hope people sign up and take advantage. —Amy French, current parent
“I was completely captivated by his enthusiasm, intelligence, potential, and of course, his vision.” —Alaleh Miremadi, current parent
“It was a great lunch and well worth the time.  It is clear that LJCDS is on a path to model the very best of K-12 education.” —Sharon Joyce, current parent
His [Dr. Krahn’s] vision for education and philosophy really resonated with us. We truly enjoyed the opportunity to get to learn about the leadership he is providing in our community and were beyond impressed with his global perspective.” —Reynaldo and Monica Brito, current parent
It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Krahn and listen to his ideas about educating children and what our goals should be for LJCDS... I was impressed with his passion for education and his dynamic presentation. I am excited about the future of LJCDS under his leadership. —Pippa Dinger, alum parent and current grandparent
“Dr. Krahn is truly passionate, brilliant and fabulous.” —Paige Cavanaugh, current parent

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