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The Scoop on Lower School by the Third Grade Times

By Jennifer Fogarty, communications content manager
Read all about it! Nicholas Mogul ’27 is on his way to becoming the next newspaper tycoon. Third Grade Times, a newspaper by third graders, started with an idea. Nicholas wrote a couple of stories, put them together and made some black and white copies to hand out to faculty and his fellow students.

That was during the beginning of the school year. Since then, it has grown to a dozen pages, and the latest edition is now in color and digitized. The student-led newspaper is entirely run by third graders. They submit their ideas and stories to editor Nicholas by the deadline, and he scans the hard copy submissions and combines them for the final product. There has been a pet and picture of the month, a comic or joke, and in this edition, even a crossword puzzle. Joe the ant, the fictitious classroom pet, has made an appearance a couple of times. This edition also boasts an interview with Mrs. Baier and fun facts about the Lower School faculty.

“I’m so impressed that he took this nugget of an idea and has grown it to include more contributors and a broad range of pieces with each edition,” says Lisa Bennet, third-grade teacher. “He’s been so inclusive, anybody can submit an article, and he’s so open to any idea that someone has. It’s not about Nicholas, anyone who wants to can be a part of it. I’m also impressed that he not only started this but has stuck with it.”

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