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Senior Spotlight: Rachel Weiss

By Danielle Amir-Lobel ’20
Get to know one of our graduating seniors and read why she gives back to the community.
Rachel Weiss ’19 has always found herself drawn to activities that can make a difference in her community through communication and human-to-human interactions.

In the summer of 2018, Rachel volunteered at Hannah’s House, a local nonprofit organization that serves as a resource center and safe space for children in challenging family circumstances. When a court orders it necessary, Hannah’s House facilitates safe visitations between parents and children. Rachel helped take care of and connect with the children while their parents went through orientation to go over safety precautions and rules. She emphasizes how, in spite of their unfortunate family dynamic, the children are extremely friendly and strong. On why she chose to volunteer at Hannah’s House, Rachel reflected, “I think that we don’t really give a lot of validation to kids’ voices, which leads to a lot of hate and intolerance in the future. So, I think that showing love to youth, especially in tough family situations, is so important.”

Rachel founded the American Sign Language (ASL) Flex Time with her best friend Rachel Ruggera ’19 in her junior year. Both Rachels learned ASL on their own and resolved to spread the knowledge and promote collective learning by starting the club. “I think all language is important,” Rachel says. “Conversation is so crucial to society...I think conversation is the foundation of everything—of society and human interactions… it can connect you to so many more people that you’d never be able to communicate with.”

Rachel who has been at LJCDS since the fifth grade is thankful for the many opportunities she has had at LJCDS to explore her passions, finding an interest in marching band and discovering technical theater which challenged her both creatively and physically. She joined student council her sophomore year. Rachel began the 2018–2019 school year as vice president and is now serving as president of the student council, stepping up after her counterpart graduated early. She has organized many spirit activities, class events, and dances and uses her role as a means to improve school spirit and unity.

Rachel’s grateful for the many opportunities to travel and look outside of the classroom for real-world experiences, and especially, for the “phenomenal faculty.” “I will always remember the teachers,” she remarks. “They’re by far my favorite part of Country Day. The teachers here are the reason I’ve stayed for so long.” 

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