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Faculty Are the Soil; Children Are the Seeds

By Inez Odom, assistant head of school for enrollment management and outreach
Our assistant head of school for enrollment management and outreach explains how LJCDS helps children plant their roots so that they can use their wings.
What does it mean to be an educated person in today’s world? Is it one’s ability to recount details, facts, concepts and figures with accuracy? Is it our outlook on the world and our ability to order our steps within that world with meaning and purpose? Is it the environment in which we find ourselves and our capacity to navigate that environment successfully? 
We are flooded with information and opinions—and at times, opinions that mask themselves as information. Through the internet, emails, media, blogs, posts, text messages, tweets, the ways in which we are inundated with content are almost endless. Discerning what matters requires a well-developed sense of judgment. 
The role of thoughtful, caring, intellectually curious and well-informed faculty cannot be overstated. They are the people who help to shape judgment and cultivate the art of discernment in children.  At La Jolla Country Day School, our faculty teach children both the substance and the relevance of what they are learning. Surrounding students with remarkable people is analogous to providing the soil in which children can be planted for their development. The long-term basis for children’s ideas, values, vision and meaning are harvested from that planting. 
La Jolla Country Day School’s mascot is the Torrey pine tree, which symbolizes uniqueness and resiliency. I believe there is no more fitting symbol for our diverse and vibrant learning community than that tree which bends, yet does not break. This tree is unique to the coast of San Diego County and Santa Rosa Island. The tree is a symbol of growth.
As we are in the midst of the admission season for the 2020–2021 school year, I would invite our community members to consider those children around us who would benefit from being planted in the soil of the La Jolla Country Day School educational experience. In the words of our podcast series title, Roots and Wings, we encourage one another to help children plant their roots so that they can use their wings. Please invite a family member, friend, neighbor or colleague to explore a La Jolla Country Day School education for their child(ren).


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