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Torreys on Display

By Hannah Jacobs, marketing and communications intern
LJCDS students exhibit their work at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Photography, ceramics and AP English students collaborated with each other to create artwork for the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (MCASD). LJCDS students worked with the MCASD Extended School Partnership (ESP) to utilize the museum as an extension of the Upper School campus. They explored the museum’s exhibitions and used them as inspiration to work collaboratively across disciplines, with the program culminating in a showcase on display for the general public.

Students explored their experiences of the world and various influences that shape their understanding of Earth, particularly pertaining to the intersection between natural and human-made. Projects investigating ideas such as recycling, water and the duality of human nature were created in response to current curricula and existing museum works. Through field trips to MCASD and multiple critiques with gallery educators, LJCDS students cultivated their ideas and utilized the museum as a valuable educational resource. 

The LJCDS student work was on display at MCASD Downtown during the weekend of February 20, alongside artwork created by students from T
orrey Pines High School and Otay Ranch High School. “This was an incredible opportunity to collaborate across disciplines and to connect our classroom learning with the outside world,” Upper School English educator Amy Parish says. “When learning is applied, the students gain confidence, real-world skills, recognition for their work and inspiration that expands their horizons.”

Students explain their submissions: 

Cut Through by Oliver Bikhazi-Green ’20: “My artwork represents the idea of humans cutting through nature and manipulating it for our own good. The road pictured here cuts through the landscape and disturbs the untouched nature. We, as humans, tend to alter the landscape in order to travel, work and visit family.”

Savage Beauty by Revyn Kim ’20:Clinical and structured, the dress and the words on it represent humanity. Sparse at the bottom and growing more wild at the top, the vines symbolize nature, pushing their way out of the fabric to overcome the restricting dress. It chokes the wearer while obstructing the view of the words, which become crueler and crueler as they reach the top of the dress. Humans long to romanticize the calming, pretty parts of nature, ignoring the vicious omnipotence of it.”


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