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Senior Spotlight: Nikita Nair

By Jacob Maciel, marketing and communications intern
Get to know one of our graduating seniors and the legacy she leaves behind.

Nikita Nair ’20 began her legacy at LJCDS in seventh grade and has embodied the role of scholar, athlete and artist throughout her years as a Torrey.

Nikita is notable for her giving nature, spending her free time between Student Council meetings, helping in the chemistry lab during Flex Time and tutoring students after school. She always makes time to make a difference. LJCDS has provided Nikita an array of opportunities to explore her interests.

As a mentor, Nikita shares her experiences and knowledge with underclassmen to help them navigate and most the make of their time at LJCDS. She believes individuals will succeed to their fullest potential when they have a genuine desire and interest—beyond resume building—in their courses or the extracurriculars. Nikita’s intentional and active participation in various opportunities throughout campus had led her to find joy and personal growth. “Instead of balance, one needs to have harmony so everything can work together,” she shares.

Nikita has been on varsity Torrey Mock Trial since freshman year, and it has contributed to some of her fondest memories. She believes that Mock Trial embodies all notions of scholar, athlete and artist—working cohesively as a team through long trials while performing a role that is physically and mentally draining. 

Nikita has also served on the Student Council as a grade-level delegate during her freshman year through junior year, completing her senior year with a new opportunity as co-president. As a co-president of the student council, Nikita served as the bridge between the administration and the student body. She enjoys facilitating discussions around the school and has helped implement change, including new dress code regulations, new start times and new junior and senior privileges. 

Nikita joined the fencing team in seventh grade and was named captain in sophomore year. Fencing has taught her valuable lessons that she applies to her daily life. Fencing is the physical version of chess, where you have to be thinking what your opponent is going to do, knowing that your opponent knows what you are going to do,” she shares. The necessary connections between the mind and body in fencing have led Nikita to become more patient in receiving delayed gratification.

Nikita will study aerospace medicine with a biology focus and astronomy or astrophysics at Harvard.