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Senior Spotlight: Juliet Welk

By Kaushalya Williams-Singh ’22 and Hannah Jacobs, marketing and communications intern
A graduating senior reflects on how LJCDS allowed her to realize her passion for language.

As a lifer from the graduating class of 2020, Juliet Welk has left her mark on LJCDS in more ways than one. Juliet's passions for both language and politics have motivated her to pursue all that was offered to her in Upper School.

Juliet first realized her love for language in Lower School when she began learning grammar in her English class. She fostered this love until her literature class in freshman year, where she realized that English wasn’t actually her passion; it was languageShe discovered her interest in the Spanish language that same year while taking Spanish III Honors. “After taking that Spanish class, I put it together,” explains Juliet. “It’s because I love language—that’s why I liked English and why I like Spanish now. I liked learning the grammar and usage, once it became more about literature, I was less fascinated.” 

Juliet took a non-traditional path to pursue her passions, taking three language classes and two history classes in junior year. She completed the Spanish program in junior year, then took French I and II at the same time and tested into French III Honors for senior year. “I love languages,” explains Juliet. “I just want to learn more, which is why I’ve taken this crazy route.”

Her dedication to service and leadership will be remembered long after graduation. As a member of the Community Service Board and a varsity volleyball player junior year, Juliet co-organized the most successful Dig for the Cure in LJCDS history—an annual LJCDS volleyball game to raise funds and awareness for the Susan G. Komen foundation in San Diego. She was responsible for covering the campus in pink, as well as running and organizing activities in the days before the event. Juliet also contributed to this iconic event by playing in the charity volleyball game.

As a senior member of the Ethics Council in the 2019–2020 academic year, Juliet was a leader in shaping how students in the community can learn from their mistakes. She noticed a pattern of behavior in which a student would do something wrong, receive disciplinary actions but lessons were not learned and the student would become a repeat offender. This year, the Ethics Council placed emphasis on helping students learn from their mistakes through reflection and restorative justice as opposed to punitive actions. “We made a difference this year, which I’m really proud of,” shares Juliet. “It’s good to be able to help someone and see that you’re getting through to them and that they’re learning.”  

After spending 15 years on the LJCDS campus, Juliet gives credit to the community that helped shape her. “I love the opportunities Country Day has given me and the classes I’ve taken. But, Country Day is nothing without the people and the community on campus—the students, the faculty, my mentors, everyone on campus,” shares Juliet. “One of my factors when looking for a college was ‘Where am I going to have that same [LJCDS] community?’”

In the fall, Juliet will be combining international relations, modern languages and modern politics to study interdisciplinary studies and culture at Scripps College.