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Alumni in the Press: Corey Lynn Fayman

By Hannah Jacobs, marketing and communications intern
Corey Lynn Fayman ’76 recently released the fourth novel in his crime series.
Ballast Point Breakdown is the fourth novel in Corey Lynn Fayman’s award-winning crime series featuring Rolly Waters, a San Diego private investigator and musician. Ballast Point Breakdown investigates a public death and its deep-seated connections within the San Diego community. Fayman’s novel features unique characters, fast-paced action and dark humor, and Rolly’s search for the truth will keep readers guessing until the very last page. 
Sideman’s guts twisted into a knot as he saw the woman rise from the deck. She was on fire, burning in front of him, engulfed in the flames. The bearded man raised his right hand and waved it across his chest, like a priest giving last rites. The woman raised her arms, reaching, reaching.”
Excerpt from Ballast Point Breakdown