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Reopening Plans for Schools Across San Diego

By Hannah Jacobs, marketing and communications intern
The San Diego Union-Tribune highlights the reopening plans of private schools across San Diego.
Some San Diego schools may be able to re-open soon if they get a special waiver approved by the county. The San Diego Union-Tribune spoke with Dr. Krahn and shares the reopening plans and health/safety measures of various private schools throughout San Diego.

“Even without waivers, all schools could soon get a green light to reopen. On Friday San Diego County achieved a COVID-19 case rate that allows the county to be removed from the state’s watch list. If the county keeps its coronavirus case rate low for two weeks, all its schools would be allowed to reopen by the end of the month.

Among the schools seeking waivers to open earlier, some have said they will require masks for all students and staff, which health experts say is one of the most important steps schools can take to prevent the spread of coronavirus...

La Jolla Country Day, for instance, will not only require masks for everyone, but it will have its own coronavirus testing station on campus. Every student and staff member will be tested before returning to campus and will get test results in 15 minutes.

‘I didn’t want to bring students and faculty back until I knew the (virus) density on the campus,” said Gary Krahn, head of school for La Jolla Country Day.’”

To read the full article, visit the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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