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San Diego School Waiver Requests

By Hannah Jacobs, marketing and communications intern
KPBS discusses how most schools requesting reopening waivers are private schools.
KPBS highlights LJCDS’ reopening plan and explains that the majority of schools requesting waivers to reopen in San Diego are private schools, reflecting the inequities facing education during the pandemic. 

“‘We’re gonna test every student, every faculty member, every staff member before they come to campus,’ said Gary Krahn, the head of school at La Jolla Country Day. 

The school, which currently serves more than 1,100 students, has a robust reopening plan in place for when students are allowed to come back. Krahn said it will offer hybrid programs that would allow some students and teachers to work from home. Students who do come to campus will not spend much time indoors.

‘We’re not allowing any student or faculty to be inside for over 25 to 30 minutes. Half of our classes are going to be outside,' he said. 'We have spent a lot of resources creating outdoor classrooms and creating the ventilation inside as well...’

Despite his staff’s preparedness, Krahn said the school might wait before allowing elementary-age students to return to campus even if the waiver request is granted. 

‘Even though we might have the opportunity to reopen, we’re gonna look at where this disease is in our community,’ he said. ‘We’re gonna look at the information we have at the time.’”

To read more, visit KPBS.

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