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Torrey Siblings in the MLB

By Hannah Jacobs, marketing and communications intern
From data engineering for the Twins, to playing for the Cardinals, and working in the front office for the Cardinals, baseball comes naturally to the Edman siblings.
Johnny ’12, Tommy ’13 and Elise Edman ’16 are all working in the MLB this season. Led by their father and Torrey baseball’s championship coach, John Edman, baseball is a way of life for the Edman family. 

The history of baseball is full of family connections, but none quite like that of these three siblings unique to modern baseball: Tommy, the star athlete; Johnny, the engineer; and Elise, the athlete-turned-engineer. All three took different paths to get to this point, but within the last 15 months, all three debuted in the Majors—in their own way.

‘It’s kind of crazy to think about,’ Elise said. ‘And it all started with my dad because he has this unmatched love for baseball.’
‘We want the kids to all do what they love, and do what they want, not what their parents would love for them to do,’ added John Edman, the siblings’ father. ‘But it is really cool that they’re doing something that they love and that we, in one way or another or in a secondary capacity, get to enjoy what they’re doing. There aren’t many parents that get to watch their kids work.’”
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