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Alumni Story: Global Contracts

By Katie Sigeti ’06, philanthropy manager, alumni programs
Tendai Mukau ’10 found his passion in international law, legal research and writing.
Torreys of all ages have entered the legal field to make the world a better place—whether it be to advance civil rights, environmental issues or a myriad of other societal concerns. Tendai Mukau ’10 found his passion in international law.

Fascinated by other countries, Tendai studied international affairs with a minor in Russian and studied abroad in Russia during his junior year at George Washington University. Upon graduating, he spent two years working at a law firm in Washington, D.C., before earning his law degree from Georgetown Law School in 2019. Tendai focused all of his elective courses in international and economic law, finding his favorite law school course to be European Union law. 

Tendai developed a keen interest in the history and culture of central Europe and knew he wanted to live there eventually. In 2020, he made this dream a reality—landing a position at Lufthansa as a global contract manager. In this role, Tendai advises on and develops financial services contracts for major clients. He applies much of his experience and studies in international law, applying his knowledge to financial transactions, compliance and other standards, and researching all areas of law as issues arise. Tendai finds himself most fulfilled when he identifies a legal issue, provides advice to the company or a colleague, and can translate the problem to people not in the legal space.

Outside of this role, Tendai is also working on various academic legal projects and has been published in the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal and featured in the book Getting to Brexit. He also volunteers in legal advocacy on issues concerning fundamental rights in Europe. 

Looking back, Tendai credits his humanities classes and AP United States History taught by Jerry Fleischhacker for encouraging him to explore his interests—helping pave the way for his path into international relations. “LJCDS created an environment in which I could discover a group of peers who shared my interests, often resulting in friendships which last to this day, as well as facilitate my exploration and development of individual academic and artistic pursuits,” he shares. 

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