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  • Fencing - Club

    2015 - 2016
    Head Coach: Tedd Padgitt

    Coach Tedd Padgitt trains fencing athletes to be lean, fast, and well-versed in tactical reasoning. His students have achieved three US Summer National Titles and one student boasts a NCAA Team Championship.  LJCDS middle and high school fencers train and compete in low - pressure, positive atmospheres. Fencing has quickly gained popularity on the Torrey campus in the middle school program. Torrey Middle School fencers, who have been undefeated in the past two seasons, are building strong reputations as fast learners with honed instincts.  
    Alumni Playing at the college level:
    Elijah Granet 2012
    Columbia-2015 NCAA Champions
    Larissa Kenney 2009
    Ohio State University