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  • February

    How Prevalent is Purpose Among Adolescents?

    We live in a time when the world is moving faster than one can keep up, technology is blossoming like a perennial flower in which every season is summer, and bushels of data are at our fingertips like seedlings for future harvest. But, at what cost?
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  • The Princeton Footnotes Visit LJCDS

    The Madrigals and Upper School choir were treated to a workshop with the Princeton Footnotes on Thursday, February 1. Founded in 1959, the all-male a cappella group from Princeton University included a familiar face—Remy Reya ’17. The Footnotes also performed during flex time for students, faculty and staff in the amphitheater as part of their mini tour on the West Coast, which included stops in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles.

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  • Middle School Student-Led Conferences

    Setting goals. As adults, we may think about goals in relation to our career or new year’s resolutions. Middle Schoolers had a chance to reflect on their schoolwork and set goals in each class in preparation for the Student-Led Conferences (SLC), which took place on February 2 and 3. Students presented on their strengths and opportunities for growth with their parents/guardians and their advisor. They learned how to reflect on their learning, evaluate their progress, and communicate this information to their parents and teachers.
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  • Parent Education: Loving the Teen Years

    In the arch of parenting, we go from doing things for our children to with our children, and finally, to standing back and watching them be independent. When parenting a teenager, it can be difficult to determine when it’s appropriate to step in and when it’s necessary to let them figure it out on their own. The school counselors hosted a three-part workshop, where, under the guidance of guest presenter Erica Rood, M.A., Ed., parents explored this arch and learned tools for navigating this exciting, important and challenging stage of life.

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  • NCIS: La Jolla

    Mark Fallon arrived in San Diego at 1 p.m., on Thursday, January 18, his flight having been delayed several hours due to a snowstorm in Atlanta. He had been awake since 3:30 a.m., so it would have been understandable if he were less than enthusiastic about going directly from the airport to Mr. Shulman’s AP Government classroom. But when asked if he would rather skip class and go straight to his hotel, he declined. Grinning, he said, “I’m on a mission.”

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  • January

    Get to Know Kristy King

    At LJCDS, social and emotional development is equally as important as intellectual growth. When a student is struggling academically, socially or personally, there are many options and resources. The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is where students can receive educational and/or speech and language services to help them achieve academic success. Kristy King, speech and language pathologist, shares with Jennifer Fogarty, communications content manager, how she and the LRC work together with faculty and administration to provide students with the necessary tools to reach their fullest potential.

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  • Grade 8 Personal Essays

    As a way for students to gain a deeper understanding of their own humanity, as well as the humanity of others, eighth-grade English students write two personal analysis essays. For the most recent one, they began with a list of eight different elements of themselves—their name, gender, racial/ethnic background, religion, favorite of the five senses, most valued personal skill, most valued personal quality, and most important memory. Students then narrowed the list until only their two most important elements remained, and from these two, they selected the topic for their essay.
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  • Tuition Economics 101

    Re-enrollment agreements were issued on Thursday, January 25. In Head of School Gary Krahn’s letter to families, he announced the tuition increase of 3.5 percent for next year (same as last year). You may find yourself asking why a tuition increase is necessary every year and why it exceeds the rate of inflation.

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  • Hour of Code

    For the second year, kindergarten through eighth-grade students participated in Hour of Code, a global movement that celebrates computer science. The goal is to have students (and adults) of all ages complete activities that relate to the growing field of computer science to prepare them for our increasingly computer-driven world.

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  • Defining Boundaries, a Photography Exhibit

    The Museum of Photographic Arts’ (MOPA) 12th Annual Juried Youth Exhibition, Defining Boundaries, features the works of three La Jolla Country Day School students: Abby Ausmus ’18, Vivian Hong ’19 and Shannon Twomey ’20. Their photos were three of 100 works selected out of a record 674 entries from students in Grades K-12 across San Diego County and Tijuana.
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  • Torreys in the News: Athletics

    In case you missed it on the front page of the San Diego Union-Tribune sports section on January 10, here is a fantastic article on LJCDS basketball and football standout Alex Cho ’18. Alex is a leader on the court, on the field and in the classroom!
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