This podcast, sponsored by La Jolla Country Day School, explores the topic of independent schools. Host Inez Odom interviews experts in the field to offer a multi-faceted view of the topic from many perspectives. Subscribe and listen on iTunes or Spotify.

Episode 6: The Role of the Board of Trustees and the History of La Jolla Country Day School 
Featuring Chris Richey, Chair, Board of Trustees, La Jolla Country Day School.

How does an independent school manage its governance? The Chair of the Board of Trustees, Chris Richey, shares his insights into the structure, charge and scope of the board’s activities. Further, Mr. Richey shares the rich history of La Jolla Country Day School through the story of its founder, Louise Balmer, as well as his vision for the future of the school as it moves toward its centennial in 2026.
Episode 5: ISEE, Testing and the Admissions Process
Featuring Elizabeth Mangas, Chief Experience Officer, Educational Records Bureau and Rochelle Michel, Executive Director, Independent School Entrance Exam at ERB.

Many parents have questions concerning the Independent School Entrance Exam on behalf of their children. In this episode, topics such as test preparation, the weight of testing in the admission process, the people behind the testing and how the ISEE is used to evaluate an applicant’s readiness are explored.
Episode 4:  An Investment for a Lifetime: Early Childhood and Lower School Admission
Featuring Payton Hobbs, Associate Director of Admission, La Jolla Country Day School, former Lower School Head, Ravenscroft School

Payton reflects upon the value of the independent school admission process in assisting families with learning more about their child’s journey as a student/learner. Establishing a love of learning from the outset is integral to laying the best possible foundation in a child’s life.
Episode 3: Data and Fit: the Head and Heart of Admissions
Featuring Geordie Mitchell, Director of Enrollment Management and Director of Strategic Initiatives, Buckingham, Browne and Nichols
Geordie Mitchell reflects upon the future of independent school education and the process needed for schools to make strategic data-driven decisions. He brings humor, insight and clarity to the topic of enrollment management. 
Episode 2: Leading an Independent School in the 21st Century
Featuring Gary Krahn, Ph.D., Head of School, La Jolla Country Day School

Gary Krahn shares the latest in education around the world and his vision for La Jolla Country Day School. 
Episode 1: Behind the Curtain: Insights into the Independent School Admission Process
Featuring Brian Murphy, Director of Financial Assistance and Enrollment Management, La Jolla Country Day School

Admission professionals truly place enormous care and thought into the decision process when considering applicants. This episode takes parents through the admission process and provides an insider’s view through the lens of seasoned admissions professionals.