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Learning Resources Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) helps students to strategize and organize their studies and works to develop strengths while supporting weak areas. Professional research confirms that children learn in a variety of ways, and it is important to understand and address these differences so that we can effectively prepare students to become successful, independent learners. Students who learn differently are taught specific skills such as time management, critical thinking, comprehension (reading and language), note-taking, test-taking and higher-order thinking in all subject areas in order to thrive in the rigorous academic environment at LJCDS. The program offers one-on-one and small group remediation as well as academic support that is fully integrated with each student’s academic program; it focuses on advocacy and builds a strong relationship between student and specialist.

The LRC serves students from Tiny Torreys–Grades 12 and is fee-based. Our staff includes educational therapists, speech/language pathologists and tutors. Students come to the LRC during their free periods or during specially arranged times.

Contact Micki Mighdoll, director of Learning Resource Center/Student Support Services, at or 858-453-3440 x136 for more information.

LRC Staff Bios

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  • Micki Mighdoll, director of LRC, educational therapist

    Micki Mighdoll has been at LJCDS since 1989, first as an English teacher and then as the director of the LRC. Mighdoll consults regularly with other schools and professionals in the community as the LRC has been used as a model for learning centers across the country. She has been an educator for over 30 years and has honed her skills and understanding of children with each experience. Mrs. Mighdoll endorses a flexible but logical approach to learning and believes that we all achieve success in different ways. She wants each student to accept and understand individual strengths and weaknesses so that each can progress with confidence and an understanding and acceptance of how he/she learns. She is strongly committed to all of the students who work in the LRC and heads a team of dedicated educators who advocate and support their students in a myriad of ways.
  • Katey Alexander, learning specialist

    Katey Alexander has been working in the LRC since 2005, but she has been a member of the LJCDS faculty since 1992. Ms. Alexander adores working with students of all ages. She uses a flexible, multi-sensory approach to help her youngest students gain comfort with their ability to learn to read and write, while she helps her older students generate a systematic approach or formula they can use to tackle information that is confusing or overwhelming to them. Ms. Alexander believes it is essential that all of her students are able to recognize and celebrate their strengths, and she helps them identify and apply those strengths in all situations. She is always impressed by the intelligence, perseverance and kindness of her students.
  • Curtis Davis, tutor

    Curtis Davis joined the LRC in 2014 and believes that all students will find success if given an opportunity to develop individualized academic strategies to enhance the learning process. Mr. Davis’ role as an LRC academic tutor is to assist students’ development of study skills, content comprehension and self-advocacy. He aims to build a team of support around the individual student so students, teachers and parents can achieve their educational goals. Mr. Davis is thankful to work on a wide range of subjects with a diverse group of students and teachers.
  • Gerry Fontanini, educational therapist

    Gerry Fontanini has been an educational therapist in the LRC since 1997. She began her career in education as a math teacher and now teaches one Upper School math course in addition to her role in the LRC. Ms. Fontanini believes that trust and confidence building are an important part of her work. She enjoys helping her students realize their potential and to find the scholar within. Ms. Fontanini feels blessed to be working in such an intellectually-stimulating and challenging environment with colleagues and students whom she feels teach her far more than she teaches them.
  • Karen Frischwasser, speech and language pathologist

    Karen Frischwasser joined the speech and language pathology team in 2015. Her proven clinical expertise is a result of working in public school, clinic and private practice settings as a licensed speech-language pathologist over the past nine years. Frischwasser has experience providing therapy for children with phonological disorders, apraxia, language disorders, stuttering and voice disorders, as well as providing assistance to English-language learners. She speaks Spanish fluently and received bilingual certification for working with bilingual students. Frischwasser values collaborating with the families and children she works with in order to improve communication skills and to help carry over skills into the home environment.
  • Kristy King, speech and language pathologist

    Kristy King has been providing speech-language services at LJCDS since 2011 and has been a licensed speech-language pathologist since 2002. She has worked extensively with children of all ages, birth through high school age. Ms. King's experiences have been in early intervention, private practice, private school, preschool and public school settings. She believes students with specific speech and language needs make the most effective progress in individualized therapy. Ms. King designs treatment programs to develop overall speech and language skills. Working with children reminds her of how wonderful childhood can be, and she strives to provide a positive therapy experience to enrich each student's education.
  • Jessica Lacoff-Roberts, tutor

    Jessica Lacoff-Roberts began coaching basketball at LJCDS in 2009 and joined the Learning Resource Center (LRC) in 2013. As an LRC academic tutor and women’s basketball coach, Ms. Lacoff-Roberts’ role includes assisting students to grow as capable, confident and caring people. She works to develop a comfortable yet challenging environment where students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace, explore their interests, and increase their competence in a one-on-one setting. Her instructional approach also promotes self-advocacy, accountability, integrity and teamwork to shape students who will have a positive impact on LJCDS and the community at large.
  • Julie Mindel, learning specialist

    Working with children has always been Julie Mindel’s passion. Prior to the last 11 years as a second grade teacher at LJCDS, she spent four years teaching second and fourth grades in the Detroit area. She also worked for two and a half years as a kindergarten through Grade 5 reading specialist. Ms. Mindel believes that in today’s culture, students need opportunities to explore, take risks and push through challenges and that finding common ground upon which to build strong connections results in mutual trust and respect with students. This relationship is key to guiding students to reach their full potential in the school community.
  • Sally Scheetz, educational therapist

    Sally Scheetz has been working as an educational therapist in the LRC at LJCDS since 2002, has been practicing educational therapy since 1990, and has been helping students with a variety of learning differences experience success in school since 1983. Her objective is to create a supportive learning environment that encompasses each student's individual needs and facilitates his or her academic, emotional and social growth. The most exciting and fulfilling moments for Ms. Scheetz as a learning specialist are when she knows, without a doubt, that she has finally reached one of her students. It is that unmistakable “knowing” look in a child's eyes, coupled with a proud smile, which helps to remind her that every moment invested was worth it and invaluable to future success.
  • Susie Thorpe, speech and language pathologist

    Susie Thorpe joins LJCDS with 10 years of experience working with the pediatric population. She worked for many years at Rady Children’s Hospital before having children and changing directions to work in the school setting. A part-time clinical faculty member at San Diego State University, she enjoys her role as a clinical instructor, guiding graduate students through the clinical process of speech and language therapy. Ms. Thorpe has a vast interest in many areas of speech and language therapy including child language acquisition, articulation and phonological remediation, feeding therapy and autism spectrum disorders. She has training in PROMPT, Floortime, Hanen and many diverse approaches. Ms. Thorpe loves her work and is passionate about approaching therapy from a whole child perspective including working with the child’s family as a key factor of the child’s success.