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Fees 2018–2019

Full time: $2,950
Includes morning and afternoon transportation (including late activity transportation) Monday through Friday, during regular school year. Transportation is not provided during school holidays.
Part time: $2,060
Includes morning transportation only, afternoon transportation only or a combination of both, with no more than six one-way transports per school week. Late activity transportation is included, also on a part-time basis.
Bus Passes per ride: $15
Bus passes can be purchased for morning, evening or late activity buses or vans for $15 per one-way trip by students who do not regularly use Country Day's transportation services. Just let us know how many rides your would like.

*There will be a 10% discount applied for multiple riders*

After hours transportation contact:

After hours contact information: Kevin Worth - 858.453.3440 x 177. Please leave a message and it will be immediately forwarded to Kevin Worth.

Late Activity Signup

Late Activity serves every normal stop. We have vehicles that leave Monday - Friday at 5:45 from the MS parking lot pickup/dropoff zone. Each student or parent is responsible for signing up for late activity on the signup calendar every day that they need it. The signup calendar is located here, from 6 a.m.-2:45 p.m. Any addition after 2:45 p.m. to the schedule will not be accepted. We must schedule the drivers for that evening. In the event the student misses the 2:45 p.m. sign up, the student's parents will need to retrieve them from school on that day. Arrival at each stop for late activity depends on how many students sign up on that day. This number fluctuates daily, so we may not have to go to every stop on a particular day and that will decrease the travel time to your stop. Unfortunately, it is illegal for the drivers to use cell phones (even hands free) unless the vehicle is pulled over and turned off. However, each driver does have a cell phone available for emergencies and for passengers to use, if they would like to inform their parent or guardian of their ETA.

Afternoon Buses depart Monday through Friday at 3:30pm

Late Activity Vehicles depart Monday through Friday at 5:45pm

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