Annual Fund

2016-2017 CDF Ambassadors

Laura Gambs Irvin
Chair, Country Day Fund
Parent of Alice '21, Claire '24 and Teddy '27
Parent Ambassadors: 

TT—Alina Katz, Amy Rohrbach  
JK—Therese Collins, Rebecca Howe, Amy Mischler
K—Rebecca Brewer, Therese Collins, Karol Jacobs, Gary Pierce, Amy Rohrbach, Jacquie Romo, Janette Wornovitzky 
Grade 1—Heather Muns Socol
Grade 2—Laura Gambs Irvin, Dan Gizzo, Rebecca Howe, Alina Katz, Amy Mischler, Jacquie Romo, Karin Toranto,  Janette Wornovitzky  
Grade 3—Therese Collins, Karol Jacobs, Kathryn McCoy-O’Neill  
Grade 4—Rebecca Brewer, Angela Fukumura, Dan Gizzo, Rebecca Howe, Jacquie Romo
Grade 5—Rebecca Brewer, Lynn Doupsas, Laura Gambs Irvin, Gary Pierce, Jacquie Romo, Heather Muns Socol, Karin Toranto 
Grade 6—Dan Gizzo, Angela Glynn
Grade 7—Karen Bergan, Angela Glynn  
Grade 8—Laura Gambs Irvin
Grade 9—Lynn Doupsas, Angela Fukumura
Grade 10—Randi Castanon, Shital Parikh, Chris Richey, Maj Rundlett
Grade 11—Mark Benning, Andrew Desany 
Grade 12—Mark Benning, Angela Fukumura

Faculty and Staff Ambassadors:

LS—Lisa Bennet, Nancy Knox-Brown, Mark Needle
MS—Kristy Johnson, Steve Traverso
US—Todd Lineback, Dave Schall 
Staff—Jocsan Leyva, Kelly White

Annual Fund

LJCDS’ annual fund, called the Country Day Fund or CDF, is the foundation of the school’s fundraising efforts. Every year, the LJCDS community joins together to support the CDF through tax-deductible donations. These gifts support every aspect of the school and are spent immediately on students, faculty and facilities to strengthen the school’s ability to provide the best possible educational experience for every student.

As you make your gift this year, you may choose from a family of funds to direct your donation: 
  • Student Experience: enables the school to provide a world-class education for all students.
  • Faculty Enhancements: ensures that LJCDS attracts and retains the highest quality faculty and staff, and that they have access to the resources and materials necessary to be successful in and out of the classroom. 
  • Facilities and Grounds: helps maintain our beautiful campus, and provides a safe environment that fosters growth, creativity and learning. 
  • Area of Greatest Need: allows the school maximum flexibility to meet the most pressing needs.
Every gift matters, and LJCDS appreciates every gift.

Frequently Asked Questions About Annual Giving

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Why not raise tuition in lieu of an annual fund?

    A: Increases in tuition might make an LJCDS education inaccessible for many families, and limit the diversity of the student body. Gifts to the annual fund allow the school to keep tuition increases to a minimum while expanding the depth and breadth of programs and opportunities.
  • Q: Why is parent participation so important?

    A: By donating to LJCDS, you are demonstrating pride and confidence in the school, and inspiring others to join you in giving. In addition, you are modeling philanthropy for our students, teaching them the importance of giving to their communities.
  • Q: What is the average gift amount?

    A: Gifts range from $25 to more than $25,000. LJCDS invites you to make a meaningful gift to CDF each year. Every gift is important.
  • Q: Can I make my gift in installments?

    A: Absolutely. Many donors make a pledge at the beginning of the school year and set up recurring payments to be made during the fiscal year.
  • Q: Why do I pay my gift by June 30 each year?

    A: The school’s fiscal year is July 1 through June 30. Gifts made before June 30 are used during that year to provide immediate support for the school.
  • Q: Does a gift to the Country Day Fund differ from gifts to Blue Bash or capital campaigns?

    A: Yes. The CDF supports a very broad range of current-year expenses that strengthen the school. The annual Blue Bash primarily supports financial assistance and faculty professional growth. Capital campaigns typically support the construction or improvement of a school facility.
  • Q: What is the role of a Country Day Fund Ambassador?

    A: CDF ambassadors are volunteers who are passionate about the benefits of our school’s annual fund. They serve as resources for the community, educating others about the history and mission of the school and about the fund. They work with LJCDS’ development staff to advance the school's mission and goals.

2016-2017 Goal

  1. 100
  2. 90
  3. 80
  4. 70
  5. 60
  6. 50
  7. 40
  8. 30
  9. 20
  10. 10
  11. 0
Goal $1,000,000.00
Current $1,000,000.00
As of Date 6/30/2017
End Date 6/30/2017
As we celebrate our 90th year, and look forward to our 100th, we reflect on our vibrant history. In honor of our past, we have introduced new giving societies, each named for a piece of our story.

Louise Balmer, an educator from Illinois, founded our school in 1926 in a small cottage in La Jolla with four primary students. As the school’s reputation grew and enrollment increased, it outgrew several locations, all in La Jolla, surrounded by Torrey Pine trees. In the fall of 1942, the school moved to Wisteria Cottage in La Jolla.

In 1955, The Balmer School became La Jolla Country Day School. At the time, the school served students in grades PK-5, and plans were made to begin adding one additional grade each year. In 1964, LJCDS graduated its first class of 26 seniors.

In 1957, Donald Leavenworth was named headmaster of La Jolla Country Day School. Mr. Leavenworth was an alumnus of Yale University, and brought Yale’s colors, blue and white, to his new school.

The school moved to its current site in 1961. Today, LJCDS educates 1,139 Torreys, who wear their blue and white colors with pride.