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Design and Innovation

La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS)’s Innovation Lab aims to inspire greatness by challenging students to identify real-world problems and design innovative solutions to affect positive change for a better world. We believe that innovation is the thread that connects technology with the human component. The curriculum from kindergarten to Grade 12 focuses on learning how to use cutting-edge tools and technologies while developing an understanding of the social impacts of technology, solutions and design. 

Our brand new collaborative space (opened fall 2015) is equipped with sticky notes, hammers, screwdrivers, drills, 3D printers, a laser cutter (built from scratch by Upper School students), microcontrollers, Wacom tablets and more. Divided into two sections for “clean” and “dirty" work, the flexible space includes mobile work stations, over 4,000 square feet of writable wall and a 150 square-foot projection surface. From engineer and design to ethnographic research and user testing, students will prepare themselves for future success by innovating for people.
Our collaborative space allows students to think together, work as a team and innovate far beyond what one individual can do on his or her own. —Matthew Abbondanzio, director of design and innovation