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Torrey Health and Safety Commitment

Torreys are stronger together.
Creating and maintaining a safe campus that supports the health and welfare of all members of our community is of utmost importance. Now more than ever, all Torreys—students, parents, faculty and staff—share the responsibility of keeping our community safe by preventing the spread of COVID-19. To navigate the public health crisis, each of us is obligated to comply with federal, state, local and LJCDS health measures and protocols.

Treating each other with dignity is the Torrey way. In this time of increased vulnerability, we must demonstrate our dignity for each other by protecting not just our own but others’ health and safety. We are in this together. #TorreysTogether

As a member of this community, you commit to the following:

Commitment to a Healthy and Safe Community

  • I recognize that I am part of something bigger than myself and play a critical role in contributing to the community’s health and safety. 

  • I acknowledge my obligation to limit the spread of COVID-19 and modify my choices to reflect positivity on me, my family and my school.

  • I lead with dignity and honor all feelings and perspectives about COVID-19 without judgment.

As a responsible member of the Torrey community, I understand to help protect my family, friends, the Torrey community and myself, my role is to:

Morning Routine

  • Take my temperature before leaving home
  • Record and report my daily symptoms using the SchoolPass app 
  • Stay home if I’m sick or experience new or worsening symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, etc.)
  • Pack my mask(s)

During School

  • Wear my mask at all times, except if I am eating, drinking or alone in a private space
  • Stay within my cohort(s) 
  • Maintain appropriate physical distancing
  • Wash my hands with soap and water frequently and use hand sanitizer when necessary
  • Avoid touching my eyes, nose and mouth and use a tissue to sneeze or cough
  • Follow directional signage when moving around campus
  • Immediately report to my teacher or nurse Jan if I’m not feeling well

While Away from Campus

  • Avoid hosting or participating in any gathering that violates state or county protocols.
  • Monitor my health
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick or are showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Practice physical distancing. Keep at least six feet away from other people unless they’re household members.
  • Wear face coverings when leaving home and wear them when within six feet of anyone who is not a household member or when entering an indoor public place. 
  • Follow state and county health guidelines

Sign the Torrey Health and Safety Commitment.

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