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Return to Campus Preparations

This page is designed to help families prepare for on-campus learning. LJCDS is committed to exceeding state and county guidelines for reopening school, therefore, we require extra precautions and preparations before a student joins us on campus. Please review the contents of this page diligently.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your division head or leadership@ljcds.org


E-Learners’ Entry into On-Campus Learning

Families who register for e-learning may opt for on-campus learning after the learning cycle comes to a close. You must notify your division head 10 days in advance. 

Entry dates: 
Tuesday, November 10 — Grades 9-12 may return
Monday, November 16 — Kindergarten through Grade 8 may return
Tuesday, January 5 — Kindergarten through Grade 12 may return


Prepare for a Safe Return

To prepare for your child(ren)’s safe return to campus, please review and complete the following.

1) Review and Sign Torrey Health and Safety Commitment 

Culture/Community is a pillar of safety. All Torreys—students, parents, faculty and staff—share the responsibility of keeping our community safe by preventing the spread of COVID-19. Please review the Torrey Health and Safety Commitment with your child. Click here to access the form in the Parent Portal. Please review and digitally sign the pledge before your child’s first day of on-campus learning.

2) Review and Sign Acknowledgment Assumption of Risks and Informed Consent

LJCDS’s health and safety protocols help mitigate but do not eliminate risks. We need the support and cooperation of all community members to maintain a reasonably healthy and safe environment. Please review and digitally sign the Acknowledgment Assumption of Risks and Informed Consent document in the Parent Portal before your child’s first day of on-campus learning.

If this is your first time logging into the Parent Portal, click here for instructions. If you have trouble with your portal login, please contact onsupport@ljcds.org.

3) Register and schedule your COVID-19 testing. 

LJCDS will test all faculty, staff and students using the Sofia SARS Antigen FIA, Sofia 2 analyzers. The antigen virus test is not the uncomfortable nasopharyngeal swab that goes deep in the nasal cavity. It is a nasal swab that requires about one inch into the nose. Click here to learn more.

There are two steps required to test on campus:
  1. Register your child on Virtual Care for Families. It’s important we have your child’s information before they can get tested.

  2. Make an appointment. The next testing dates are Thursday, November 5 from 10 a.m.–1 p.m. and Thursday, November 12 from 9:30 a.m.–12 p.m. in the Genesee parking lot.
Families may choose to test with their own medical provider, but it must be a recent test (within a week of an individual returning to campus). If you choose to test with another provider, please send documentation at least 24 hours before your child’s first day of on-campus learning to Head of School Gary Krahn at gkrahn@ljcds.org and nurse Jan at jcapon@ljcds.org.

4) Review the Health and Safety Protocols

Review the Health Protocols and FAQs page to familiarize yourself with the school’s health and safety protocols. We strongly encourage families to get the flu shot.

5) Watch the parent and student training videos. 

Please watch the training videos created by Education Admin Web Advisor, which shares the CDC-based health, safety and sanitation guidelines we follow on campus. We encourage you to watch the student training video with your child. LJCDS will also conduct a training day for each grade level on their first day of on-campus learning.  

    6) Watch your division’s return to campus video: 

    Early Childhood Center

    Lower School

    Middle School

    Upper School


    7) Arrival Process

    To plan for a safe arrival to school, please watch the video below. 

    8) Sign up for SchoolPass

    Each morning, you will submit a brief questionnaire through the SchoolPass app or website to assess the symptoms of illness and exposure to COVID-19. Click here for a preview

    One week before your child’s return to campus, you will receive an email to set up your SchoolPass account. The email will contain login information and invite you to access your account through the SchoolPass app or website. 

    If you did not receive an invitation or have trouble, please contact Director of Technology Quoc Vo at qvo@ljcds.org. Access SchoolPass by logging into the website at https://ljcds.school-pass.net or download from Google Play or the App Store.

    9) Order Lunch

    This year, lunches will be available and delivered to students in kindergarten and Grades 1–12 in their cohorts. SAGE Dining Services® remains committed to providing a variety of quality and healthy options that accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions. Visit the LJCDS/SAGE website for more information.  

    During this time, SAGE will offer three types of entrées: hot foods, cold sandwiches and salads. Each week, we will ask parents to pre-order their child(ren)’s lunch. Go to the menu page and click “Classroom Ordering” or download the Touch of SAGE™ mobile app to register. View detailed instructions from SAGE for both the app and website. You will need your child’s student ID to create an account.

    To find your child’s student ID: 
    • Log in to the Parent Portal
    • Click on your child’s name on the upper left-hand side
    • Click “Contact Card”
    • Student ID will be on the left-hand side under “General information”
    Your entry will be stored in the system and appear in a drop-down menu for future orders.

    It is critical that all students order lunch for each day they are present on campus. Without accurate information about what a student would like for lunch we can’t guarantee they will get the lunch they want. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Saeed Samad, senior food service director, at ssamad@sagedining.com or 858-453-3440 ext. 187.

    10) Are You Ready for On-Campus Learning?

    Division-Specific Preparations

    Early Childhood Center

    In addition to using SchoolPass to conduct your child's wellness screening, parents in the Early Childhood Center will use SchoolPass to sign off and confirm that they have dropped off and picked up their child.

    Lower School

    In addition to using SchoolPass to conduct your child's wellness screening, the Lower School will also utilize SchoolPass to streamline attendance and dismissal. SchoolPass will be used to: 

    Middle School

    This year, students will be dismissed in the afternoon from their advisory to ensure students remain in their cohorts at the end of the school day. Parents will stay in their cars while students safely transition to the Middle School parking lot. Families will receive a carpool placard to place on their dashboard to expedite the dismissal process.

    Resources & Support

    Visit our resources page for helpful articles and a COVID-19 glossary of terms. 

    Email your division head or leadership@ljcds.org.

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