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Student Experience


The LJCDS academic program will be delivered in person. We value the in-person experience and believe it is vital for the optimal growth and development of our students. Full remote accommodations will not be available in 2021–2022 to ensure the educational experience is equitable and engaging for all students. If it can be done safely, all classes, activities and other dimensions of our program will be conducted in person.

Students who test positive for COVID-19, who must quarantine, or those with prolonged illness or significant injuries should contact their division head to discuss specific accommodations.


  • In the Early Childhood Center, students are in cohorts by class.
  • Lower School students are in grade-level cohorts.
  • Middle Schoolers are in Grades 5–6 cohorts and Grades 7–8 cohorts.
  • In the Upper School, Grades 9–12 is a single cohort.
  • We will limit mixing students among different grade levels when possible.


SAGE Dining Services® will provide a variety of quality and healthy options that accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions. Three types of entrées will be offered: hot foods, cold sandwiches and salads. No pre-ordering is necessary. 

Students will have lunch in their respective dining areas (Lower School Pavilion by the playground and the Pavilion for Middle and Upper School). Students may bring their own lunch to campus. Please do not bring any food into school to share with others, e.g., birthday cakes or class snacks, until further notice. Individual snacks for children are still permitted. Avoid bringing products with peanuts and tree nuts. Questions? Contact SAGE Food Service Director Saeed Samad at 858-453-3440 ex.187 or ssamad@sagedining.com.

Please note: Food deliveries (e.g., DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats) are not allowed. Students can enjoy what is available in the pavilion or bring lunch from home.


  • Students in Grades 5–8 will have physical education. 
  • Due to logistics, students in Grades 5–6 will not change into PE clothes for physical education. Students are encouraged to wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothes that allow free movement at school and while in PE. 
  • Students in Grades 7–8 will change in the locker room before each physical education class.
  • Grades 9–12 will have access to athletic lockers.
  • Upper School athletes who are unvaccinated are required to be tested once a week while in season. Testing is optional for vaccinated athletes.
  • Mask requirements are under the discretion of each team’s coach(es).
  • Athletes may order food delivery to be dropped off at the table adjacent to the security booth in the Genesee parking lot between 3:30-4:30 p.m. 


Every bus route will continue as scheduled. Windows will be open to allow for ventilation and physical distancing is implemented on each bus with one student per seat. All students (vaccinated and unvaccinated) must wear a mask. Click here for route and sign-up information.


Middle and Upper School outdoor lockers will be used this year.

Lockers in PE
  • Students in Grades 7–8 will change in the locker room before each physical education class.
  • Grades 9–12 will have access to athletic lockers.

Student Trips

Some student trips may confront travel or other pandemic-related circumstances that could prevent them from occurring in the 2021–2022 academic year. Trips will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by division. Please note that vaccination may be required when participating in certain activities or travel.

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