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Frequently Asked Questions


List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • How do I register?

    Register online, unless specified in the program description. Register for the grade your child will be entering in fall 2023. Payment must be made in full to hold the spot. After registration is complete, a confirmation is emailed.
  • If I have more than one child who wishes to attend, do I have to fill out separate registrations?

    Yes. Create one family account on the summer program registration site, then add each child to the main account. Complete registration for each child separately.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    You may pay online by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).
  • When is the last day to register?

    Registration closes for ECC and kindergarten on May 12.

    Grades 1–12 and sports camps:
    • June 1 for all June sessions
    • July 1 for all July sessions
  • Do you provide financial assistance?

    Financial assistance is available only for families enrolled full-time at La Jolla Country Day School in fall 2023. It applies to all programs except Camp Torreys (Kindergarten and Grades 1–4) and all sports camps. Families must complete the online registration and select the financial assistance option for payment. For questions about financial assistance, please contact Kelly White at kwhite@ljcds.org.
  • Can a portion of a camp be prorated?

    No. The child must be registered for an entire session of a given camp. There are no refunds for absences including due to sickness.
  • What is your refund policy?

    Any cancellations made by La Jolla Country Day School before the session begins will be fully refunded. If a session has started, a prorated refund will be provided based on the number of days remaining in the session. 

    There are no refunds for cancellations made by families less than one week before the start of a session including for a COVID-19–related issue

    For cancellations made by families at least 8 days before the start of a session, a refund will be given for the amount paid for camp, less the non-refundable $100 cancellation fee for each camp canceled.

    Camp tuition and services may not be prorated or refunded for absences or sicknesses (including COVID-19). Payments lost due to withdrawal from a program cannot be forwarded to the next year’s programs or a sibling’s account. Pending availability, families may request to switch camps (paying the price difference if applicable).

    Please email summerprograms@ljcds.org to request any changes or cancellations. 
  • How do you change a session?

    Email the Summer Programs office at summerprograms@ljcds.org with your request.
  • What happens if a class is canceled due to low enrollment?

    Families will be notified 7–10 days prior to the start of a session. Students may choose another course if one is available. If a suitable option cannot be found, a 100% refund will be provided.
  • What is your attendance policy?

    If a student fails to attend, withdraws, or experiences incomplete attendance for any reason, no refund will be made. This applies to all summer programs, including Extended Day.
  • Do students from other schools attend the summer programs?

    Yes. Grades 1–12 summer programs (including sports) are open to the public. The age 3–kindergarten programs are only for students enrolled in LJCDS in the fall.
  • Can I enroll an international student?

    Yes. When enrolling an international student, they should be proficient in English (spoken language and for some classes reading and writing) in order to fully benefit from the class. Students may be advised to withdraw or switch classes if they do not meet proficiency standards.

Health and Safety

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Do I need to provide immunization records?

    Yes. LJCDS follows California law (SB 277) and requires proof of immunizations for all children attending summer camp.

    For non-LJCDS and newly accepted families, in the summer programs registration portal, upload your child’s yellow California immunization card or official record with their doctor’s signature and dates of immunizations. Your child will not be allowed to attend camp if we have not received proof of their immunizations.
  • What happens if my child is hurt or injured during the program?

    LJCDS has a registered nurse (RN) and/or an athletic trainer (ATC) on campus from 8 a.m.–4 p.m. In addition, our counselors are trained in CPR and first aid. Counselors in camp programs that travel off-campus for field trips are prepared to assist in EpiPen and medication administration. In the event of a medical emergency, LJCDS medical staff (either ATC or RN) will evaluate and provide emergency medical management, including activation of EMS, as necessary.

    LJCDS will call parents/guardians or emergency contacts as soon as possible using the phone numbers on file. All families must provide the camp with a local phone number in the event of an emergency.
  • My child has food allergies. How can I be sure they will be safe at lunchtime?

    Please complete the allergy action form. If your child’s allergies are airborne or otherwise severe, we can provide a separate lunch table.
  • My child requires medications during the day. Do I need to fill out release forms?

    Yes. All campers taking prescription medications during Summer at Country Day will need to have a Prescription Medication Administration Release Form filled out in its entirety and signed by a parent/guardian and physician before the start of classes. No medication will be allowed or given at school until this form is submitted, even if the medication was given at school the previous year. Academic school year medications will not transfer over.

    Lower and Middle School students who need to take medication at school must have a parent/guardian deliver the medication to the school nurse in the original bottle together with the completed and signed release form on the first day. Upper School students are permitted to deliver the medication and signed form to the nurse themselves.

    Students may be permitted to carry their own medications for diabetes (all grades), asthma or an allergy requiring an EpiPen (Grades 5–12). In these instances, the Authorization for Students to Carry a Prescription Inhaler, Epinephrine Auto-Injector, Insulin, Diabetic Supplies or Other Approved Medications Form, must be completed and signed by the physician and a parent/guardian and submitted to the school nurse. Students must be instructed in the proper use of the medication and fully understand how to administer it.

    Contact School Nurse Jan Capon at jcapon@ljcds.org or 858-453-3440 x137 with any questions.
  • My child takes medications, where should I take them?

    Parents/guardians are required to bring the medication and instructions to the nurse on the first day of the session. Bring any and all medications in the original container. Please do not send medication in your child’s bag.
  • What are the behavior expectations?

    All students registered for the summer program must adhere to La Jolla Country Day School’s policies and procedures stated in the Family Handbook.

First Day, Lunch and More

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Where does my child go on the first day of camp?

    Early Childhood Center (ECC)
    Tiny Torreys and Jr. Kindergarten students should go to the ECC parking lot located off Eastgate Mall Road. Parents/guardians should park and escort students to the ECC courtyard. 

    Kindergarten students should go to the kindergarten parking lot located off Eastgate Mall Road. Summer at Country Day staff will be in the parking lot to escort each camper to their classroom. 

    Sports Camps 
    Drop-off and pickup take place in the gym parking lot located off Eastgate Mall Road. Students in Grades 1–4 will be escorted to the location of their sports camps. There will be a staff person in the parking lot to direct students in Grades 5–12 if needed. 

    Grades 1–4 Academic and Enrichment 
    Drop-off and pickup take place in the Genesee Avenue parking lot located at 9490 Genesee Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037. Check-in is located on the Lower School Playground. 

    Grades 5–12 Academic and Enrichment 
    Drop-off and pickup take place in the Genesee Avenue parking lot located at 9490 Genesee Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037. Check-in will be in the assigned classroom.
  • What is your cell phone or personal electronics policy?

    We ask that all devices be put away (unless needed for a camp session) during camp. If your camper has a phone or personal device they are bringing to camp (with your permission and understanding that Summer at Country Day is not responsible for this device), we ask that it be kept in a safe and non-disruptive place.

    If your camper uses the device without permission, it will be held in the summer programs office until pickup.
  • Do you offer Extended Day care?

    Yes. Extended Day is open from 3:30–5 p.m. (M–Th) and 3:30–4:30 p.m. (F).

    Extended Day is open to students in kindergarten–Grade 8 and includes camp activities such as crafts, games and playtime. The cost is $15/hour, and drop-ins are allowed. Families using this service are billed at the end of the week. 
  • Are you closed for any holidays?

    Yes, LJCDS is closed on Monday, June 19, in observance of the federal holiday Juneteenth, and the week of July 3–7, for the Fourth of July. Program fees are pro-rated to reflect the shortened weeks.
  • Do you offer lunch?

    A boxed lunch from SAGE Dining Services® is offered for all kindergarten–Grade 12 students participating in both morning and afternoon sessions. The lunch break is from 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. SAGE does not serve peanuts or tree nuts. They do not serve products that “may contain,” “are made in the same facility as,” are “made on shared equipment,” or “processed in a facility that also processes” peanuts or tree nuts, unless they are able to verify that these products are truly safe. 

    Students may also bring their own lunches. Please clearly mark names on lunch containers. All campers should bring their own reusable water bottle; refilling stations are available throughout campus. Please email summerprograms@ljcds.org with dietary restrictions.
  • Do you offer snacks?

    No. It is highly recommended that students in kindergarten–Grade 12 bring a morning and afternoon snack and a refillable water bottle every day. There is no option to purchase snacks on campus. Please do not bring food with peanuts or tree nuts.
  • May a babysitter or friend pick up my child?

    Yes. Please add their name to the CampBrain summer registration portal. 
  • May I visit the campus before the first day of camp?

    Yes. Families are welcome to schedule a visit before the start of the summer program. Schedule an appointment by contacting our summer programs office at 858-453-3440 x112 or email at summerprograms@ljcds.org.
  • Do students from other schools attend the summer programs?

    Yes, Grades 1–12 summer programs (including sports) are open to the public. The age 3–kindergarten programs are only for students enrolled in LJCDS in the fall.
  • Do you provide transportation?

    No. Regular bus transportation from a residence is not available for the summer programs. Transportation from LJCDS is offered to and from field trips or where stated in the program description.
  • Does my child need a bathing suit for Camp Torreys (Kindergarten and Grades 1–4)?

    Yes. Pack a swimsuit, towel and sunscreen for water fun on Fridays (June 30, July 14 and July 21). 
  • Do Camp Torreys participants receive a T-shirt?

    Yes. Each camper receives one Summer at Country Day T-shirt. If they attend two or more weeks, they will receive two. If they attend the Camp Torreys Field Trip session, they will receive three T-shirts. Shirts are distributed on the first day of camp. Grades 1–4 students are required to wear their Summer at Country Day T-shirts on field trip days (June 20–23 and Thursdays June 29, July 13, July 20 and July 27).

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