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Torrey Explorers Fund

Have an idea? The Torrey Explorers Fund (TEF) is a venture capital fund for students at LJCDS. Whether students seek to start a business, launch a social campaign, invent a technology or create an art installation, TEF will offer mentorship by a team of local entrepreneurs and professionals and/or funding to help bring our students’ ideas to fruition.

What will students do with this fund?

We expect students to develop businesses, invent technologies, support local and national social needs, etc. However, this fund was not created for what we expect the students to accomplish; rather, it’s for them to achieve something that we would have never expected.

How it works

Students will submit their ideas/project proposals to the panel. Proposals will be reviewed, and students will be asked to present their project in person to the panel. 
Once the proposal has been presented to the panel, students will either be asked to perform further work, given advice and guidance, or receive an offer for funding to help move their project forward.


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