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Country Day Fund

Critical to all independent schools, greatest needs dollars (sometimes called “unrestricted” dollars) support virtually every area of LJCDS. Our largest greatest needs efforts, called the Country Day Fund, primarily occurs in the fall. All Torreys, age three through Grade 12, benefit from CDF donations. As such, every member of our community is asked to make a CDF gift. Other opportunities to support LJCDS’ greatest needs are on #GivingTuesday and during our spring appeal, held in honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week.

Tuition Assistance

LJCDS enrolls highly motivated and talented students of strong character, regardless of their ability to pay full tuition. This practice creates a diverse student body and a deeply enriching learning environment that benefits every member of the school community. Tuition assistance monies are raised throughout the year and are also a raise-a-paddle opportunity at the annual fundraising gala—Blue Bash.

Professional Growth

To remain on the leading edge of pedagogy, faculty and staff regularly need to hone their various skills. From conferences to global excursions, learning experiences allow them to remain current and bring new ideas and innovations back to students. Professional growth monies are raised throughout the year and are also a raise-a-paddle opportunity at the annual fundraising gala—Blue Bash.

Additional Priorities

There are numerous ways to support LJCDS, and with such a myriad of student programs, there is a funding need that needs you.

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  • Programmatic Areas

    With access to academic resources and mentors, students achieve extraordinary results in pursuing a meaningful life that inspires greatness beyond their time on campus. Additional funding opportunities are available for academics, arts, athletics, Center for Excellence in Citizenship, Community Service and much more! For more information on how to support these additional areas, please contact Lilli-Mari Andresen at landresen@ljcds.org or 858-453-3440 x297.
  • Endowment

    A strong endowment provides La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS) with a steady source of revenue, which supports all aspects of the school. An endowment is essential to the long-term stability of a first-class educational institution and is the cornerstone of success for the country's finest independent schools. Endowed funds are placed in an investment pool that is independently managed.

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