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Inspiring Greatness in Young Scholars

Schools play an important role in the partnership of cultivating a child’s social, emotional and intellectual development. From the Early Childhood Center to the Upper School, La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS) offers students a safe environment to explore, exchange thoughts and ideas, make mistakes, challenge the status quo, develop a work ethic and grow to become the best versions of themselves.

We honor that each child is an individual, therefore the educational journey is nurtured and customized for each student. Our team of educators is deeply invested in knowing and supporting students in and out of the classroom. Our academic program is designed to offer students the skills and tools to succeed in a rapidly changing world and an unknown future. 
The curriculum fosters critical thinking, creativity and collaboration while also cultivating resiliency, adaptability, self-awareness and empathy.
I decided to live my life [by] not checking off boxes on college applications but to truly do what I am passionate about. And that, I think, is a value that Country Day definitely tries to instill in its students. We are not just trying to create cookie-cutter people; we are actually trying to create great minds.

Arielle Algaze ’17,
joined LJCDS in third grade.

Achieving Greatness

LJCDS educators strive to inspire greatness in all students. We believe that achieving greatness doesn't happen through luck or by accident; it is a process. Through research, LJCDS discovered that those who have achieved success were not smarter than their counterparts in their field, but they possessed four common distinctions: 
The individual attributes: 
1. The person possesses a strong work ethic 
2. He or she is a person of character

The environmental factors:
3. The individual had access to resources and mentors
4. The individual grew up in an environment that allowed him or her to challenge the status quo and ask “what if?” and “why not?”
Country Day truly has been my second home for as long as I can remember, so it is almost hard to think about the impact. I can’t imagine life without being here.

Alexandra Bleakley ’18, joined LJCDS in kindergarten

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