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Your gifts in action

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  • Connecting Alumni Nationally

    Creating an engaged, supportive alumni network is one of our top priorities. This year, we launched a series of regional events, spanning coast to coast, helping us connect with our 4,000+ alumni network. These gatherings bring together Torreys of all ages, creating wonderful networking and mentoring opportunities. The sheer joy and volume at these events reminds us all of the truth of saying, “once a Torrey, always a Torrey!”
  • Torreys Welcome Cambodian Teaching Fellow

    Our youngest Torreys in kindergarten and the Early Childhood Center spent a month in the fall of 2022 with teaching fellow, Chareya Long. Among many things, she taught our students how to say hello and write their names in Khmer, the official language of Cambodia. She also conducted a show-and-tell of Cambodian currency. Ms. Long was able to join us through the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Professional Fellows Program.  
  • She Kills Monsters

    She Kills Monsters, came to the Four Flowers stage by way of the US theater students. The play provided Torreys with a unique opportunity to stretch their imaginations to design and create every element of the experience. For the innovative set design, they constructed a rotating stage with moving floor sections to enhance the fast paced transitions. Fantastical costumes and prop design brought their characters to life in expertly choreographed combat scenes, while thoughtfully curated lighting and sound design amplified emotions.
  • Wine and Paint with Ms. Porschia

    Parents from all divisions can come together and learn artistic tricks from alumna and lower school art teacher, Ms. Porschia Talbot, during two Wine and Paint nights, offered through Blue Bash. Blue Bash hosts hundreds of experiences from trips and sporting events, to shadowing opportunities and fun for parents.
  • Students Experience Education Outside of the Classroom

    Middle and Upper School students spend their Outdoor and Experiential Education weeks connecting with nature, volunteering, visiting colleges and learning new skills. These real-world learning opportunities, spanning the globe, stretch students outside of their comfort zones, strengthen their connections with classmates and teachers, and enrich their school experience and personal growth.
  • Students Earn UPenn Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship

    In January 2022, LJCDS became one of 18 high school age programs worldwide to join forces with the University of Pennsylvania giving upper schools students the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship which fast tracks participants and connects them to advanced learning. 

    This unique partnership elevates the learning experience and encourages an entrepreneurial mindset to find and solve problems.
  • Industry-Leading Artists Mentor Students

    Visiting authors, artists-in-residence and programs through the Center for Excellence in Citizenship, students are connected to experts in the field.

    During the 2021-2022 academic year, artist Jesse Colin Jackson, spent time with students in all divisions encouraging them to create sculptures that connect modern design and fine art, using his interactive Marching Cubes, which have been featured across the world.
  • Preparing Students to Thrive in the World

    In 2022, LJCDS committed additional resources to support the growing needs of students. Increased licensed wellness staff help provide healthy and necessary emotional development and well-being of students. Additional team members in the LRC will support the growing needs of students to help build confidence, foster safe spaces, and teach personal learning styles and other integral life skills, to prepare students to thrive in college and the world.
  • Creating Responsible and Ethical Media

    Today's students must understand what it means to create media in healthy, thoughtful, responsible and ethical ways. Formal media literacy education is now one of the fastest-growing fields of study in colleges and universities and Pre-K–12 schools and districts.

    LJCDS' Media Literacy Education program teaches students how to curate and verify what they see and read as well as what it means to create media in healthy, thoughtful, responsible and ethical ways.
  • Junior Kindergarten Students Travel the World

    As a part of the “Global Studies Center" students visit countries around the world and learn how to respect the value of these cultures. Ms. Tripoli shared that even at age four, students can retain a great level of information after each interactive presentation, often sharing what they’ve learned by heart. Every three weeks, the center is changed out, and as soon as the “Under Construction” sign is posted, students will eagerly ask, “Where are we going next?” sparking curiosity, excitement and a continuous passion for learning.
  • New Sand Volleyball Courts

    Sand volleyball was elevated from club to CIF level in 2022 and is one of the fastest growing NCAA sports. Thanks to the generosity of more than 20 families, approximately $275,000 was raised for three sand volleyball courts which were completed in July 2022. 

    Now, sand players have a dedicated space for practices and CIF matches, and will have a better opportunity to compete at the next level and earn a collegiate scholarship. The facility can also be used for cross training purposes for all high school level athletes. 
  • Families Choose LJCDS for Multiple Generations

    “Legacy Families” are current families who have chosen an LJCDS education for multiple generations. We are grateful to our 44 current Legacy Families for their dedication and commitment to LJCDS. We absolutely love to see our Torreys back as Torrey parents and grandparents experiencing LJCDS in a different way!
  • Tuition Assistance Changes Lives

    Tuition assistance provides a profound educational foundation to those who may not have had the opportunity to experience an LJCDS education. Generous support helps current students and alumni like Alex Guenette ’13 inspire greatness for a better world. Watch how Alex uses his LJCDS education to make an impact.
  • Sustainable Education Sprouts

    A new school garden located in the Lower School was established at the start of the 2022-2023 school year and will incorporate sustainability into age 3–Grade 4 education, build health habits for life, and provide farm-to-table produce for campus food programs.

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