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Beyond the Classroom

La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS) offers ample opportunities for students to pursue personal interests and various resources to assist them in their efforts. The rich student life activities encourage our scholars to pursue a balanced and well-rounded experience and to grow intellectually, socially and personally. At LJCDS, we believe that the happiest and healthiest minds are developed when students are given opportunities to pursue new and existing passions, overcome challenges, step outside of their comfort zones, cultivate meaningful relationships and enhance leadership skills—all while committing to building good character.
Our teachers are also mentors and advisors who use every opportunity to maximize teachable moments and build important relationships with students inside and outside the classroom. We believe that student life opportunities are extensions of lessons in the classroom.

LJCDS also offers an array of student support services through the Learning Resource Center and programs including advisory, peer tutoring and guidance counseling. These services support our students in important ways throughout the year.
Our students’ passions beyond the classroom as well as their social-emotional well-being are important to us.

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