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Tiny Torreys on the Go!

By Early Childhood Center teacher Anna Fennessey
Over the past few weeks, Tiny Torreys have enjoyed exploring a unit about transportation. They studied a variety of vehicles that drive on the road, float in the water, fly in the sky and move down a track. For each area of exploration, the children engaged in fun, hands-on activities to support and enhance their learning experience through play.

When exploring things that drive on the road, students painted with wheels, raced cars down a ramp and even used their tricycles on an obstacle course to earn their Tiny Torrey driver’s license. Adding water to the fun, students decorated sails for their cork sailboats and raced them through a water filled sensory table. High above the skies, our tiny pilots raced their paper airplanes down to awaiting Middle School students who retrieved them and awarded the Tiny Torreys with pilot wings. As the unit came to a close, students were excited to take their last field trip of the year to explore transportation that use tracks at the miniature train at the Balboa Train Station. On the trip, the children saw numerous vehicles on the road, airplanes taking off and landing at the airport as well as several boats, cruise ships and aircraft carriers parked at the harbor. It was a great way to reinforce the concepts taught in the classroom and bring them to life a real life setting!

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