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Torreys Recognized

By Hannah Jacobs, marketing and communications intern
Seven Torreys are recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to the San Diego community.
Even during the pandemic, LJCDS students continue to contribute to the community and strive to make the world a better place. Below are seven students who have been recognized locally.

Elinor Amir–Lobel
Elinor Amir–Lobel ’22 has been involved in countless social justice projects. From starting the Female Empowerment & Education of Leaders Club at LJCDS in 2019 to creating Art4Equality, an online shop where she sells stickers and donates the proceeds to Black Lives Matter, Elinor is driven to make a difference in her community. To read more, visit La Jolla Light.

Sophia DeJarnette
Sophia DeJarnette ’24 was selected to compete in the Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic Underclass Tournament. This tournament is considered lacrosse’s most prestigious summer tournament and comprises athletes from across the country. To read more, visit La Jolla Light.

Ruslana Fogler
Ruslana Fogler ’21 was one of six students selected to present for San Diego Design Week: Designing San Diego’s Future on September 10. The talk focused on how design shapes the region and can be harnessed to reimagine San Diego’s future. Fogler was on a student panel, where she discussed the LJCDS scheduling app she created. To read more, visit San Diego Design Week.

Jenna Hernandez
Jenna Hernandez ’21 won the title of Miss American Teen 2020 in her very first pageant. She chose to represent the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement during the pageant to raise awareness about the violence Native American women face throughout Canada and the United States. Jenna plans to continue to use her win to help empower young minority women in her community. To read more, visit La Jolla Light.

Abigail Holman and Bianca Wong
Abigail Holman ’22 is president and Bianca Wong ’22 is vice president of Serving Spoons, a nonprofit created in 2009. Serving Spoons is dedicated to preparing and delivering healthy meals to families in need, and Holman and Wong have worked quickly to alter activities during the pandemic. Along with regularly delivering meals to 40 people, they’ve also begun assembling care packages with non-perishable items to help sustain families in need during this time. To read more, visit La Jolla Light.

Lucy Jaffee
Lucy Jaffee ’22 participated in SD Vote’s #VoteSaferSD contest. Students were asked to create a digital public service announcement to inform the public about safe voting procedures for November’s Presidential Election. Her submission was recognized for its design and ability to quickly communicate changes to voting procedures due to COVID–19. To see Lucy’s design, click here.

Boston Moreland
Boston Moreland ’21 started a nonprofit organization, Street Need, in May 2020 to help provide first aid to the homeless in San Diego County. Boston assembles kits containing bandages, wipes and lip balm, then delivers them to local nonprofits who distribute them among the homeless. His first goal is to distribute 5,000 kits, one for every local homeless person. To read more, visit La Jolla Light.

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