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FHAO Day of Learning

By Jenna Dalva, Middle School history educator
Middle School students explore WW2 history and meet a Japanese-American internment survivor.
On Monday, January 22, Grade 7 students gathered for a “Day of Learning” as part of their Facing History and Ourselves (FHAO) advisory curriculum. The goal of FHAO is to engage students in conversations about past injustice and intolerance and closely examine how these themes relate to today’s world. Students learn about upstanders—people who stand up to defend the rights or dignity of others during these moments. 

Seventh graders focus on the historical case study of Executive Order 9066 and the incarceration of Japanese-Americans during WW2. They have examined its modern parallels in history and advisory classes for the past month.

The culmination was the “Day of Learning,” featuring a variety of activities, including a virtual workshop with the Japanese American National Museum. Students explored artifacts depicting teenage life in the camps.

The highlight was hosting Jack Kubota, a Carlsbad local who, along with his family, was interned in Poston, Arizona, at 13. Jack shared his experiences before the war, during incarceration and afterward.

During reflection, students described the encounter as “inspiring” and “impactful.” Amanda Morales Rabaneda ’29 shared, “It was very inspiring. It’s interesting being in this generation and being able to meet a survivor.” Xara Gosman-Brown ’29 reflected, “It’s incredible and really cool to meet someone who faced history.”


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