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Leaving a Legacy

By Katie Sigeti ’06, philanthropy manager, alumni programs
Legacy families pass down the Torrey way.
Our favorite motto in the Torrey alumni community is “Once a Torrey, always a Torrey.” At its core, this means that our alumni are the heartbeat of the school—remaining involved long after their years as students. 

Some give back through volunteerism—serving on the Alumni Council, as an expert speaker in a classroom, club, or panel discussion, or supporting various campus initiatives and programs. Others give back philanthropically, providing resources to the next generation of Torreys following in their footsteps. And some return to the community wearing a new hat—that of parent to their own Torreys. 

Legacy Families are alumni and former students who have returned to LJCDS as parents. They represent some of our most dedicated community members. There is no greater testament to the impact of an LJCDS education than the trust our alumni parents place in the school to guide their children to become intellectually curious global citizens.

This year, we are proud to have 50 Legacy Families and are excited to welcome six new ones, including Porschia Talbot ’03, LJCDS’ Lower School visual arts educator. Their commitment to LJCDS strengthens the school profoundly, and their presence in our community enhances our culture tremendously. 

We caught up with a few of them to ask why they chose LJCDS for their children.

“I was really happy to be able to send my daughter to the same school I went to. My wife and I decided it was a good fit because of the smaller class sizes and the quality of education. Also, we like that the school continues to promote the inclusion of sports and art in its curriculum. I have great memories of my time spent at LJCDS. To this day, some of my closest friends were classmates I first met in the sixth grade.”
Dan Melroy ’90

“Choosing LJCDS for our children was a natural choice. Beyond its stellar academics, the school’s emphasis on holistic education, character development, vibrant extracurricular offerings and community set it apart for us. My fond memories of competing on sports teams and making lifelong relationships with friends and teachers only solidified our decision.”
Sumeet Parekh ’95

“Recently, I moved back to San Diego from Los Angeles. As a single mom, having my twins experience the incredible education and camaraderie La Jolla Country Day has to offer has been amazing. The parents are welcoming, and the teachers and staff do a beautiful job attending to each of my kids’ vibrant yet very different personalities. My twins love the campus and have been having a ton of fun at the school and making great friends I know they will have for life.”
Sydney Holland ’89


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