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LJCDS Diversity Statement

As an essential component to our commitment-to-character education, we value an inclusive community, committed to equity and justice for all of our constituencies. We welcome all genders, orientations, religions, beliefs, races, cultures and ethnicities.

The La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS) community represents students, faculty, staff and trustees of different cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Currently, 33 percent of our students self-identify as students of color and 14 percent self-identify as mixed race. We believe a diverse community contributes to a more enriching experience for every adult and student at the school. Many studies conclude that diversity is the key to a thriving and happy environment in both educational and professional settings. As we prepare our students to be global citizens, we work to ensure that every child has the skills and awareness to embrace humanity in all of its diversity.

Diversity Advocates Commitment

The Diversity Advocates are immersed in the growth of our school and celebrate the vibrancy of cultural competency as a daily practice in our community.  Our personal work motivates us to empathetically engage with the larger community as advocates for dignity and brave curiosity.   
As we elevate our awareness through inclusive environments, mentorship, partnerships and dialogue facilitation, we recognize that we do our best work with people who come from a myriad of perspectives and recognize the importance of mutual respect to help us become conscious citizens and make the world a better place.
Our belief is that when we have compassion for ourselves and others, we can see the potential in every challenge and experience, so we invest in the interconnected network of our community by seeking platforms that stretch the understanding of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, and ability.