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By Gary Krahn, head of school
As the Head of La Jolla Country Day School, I welcome all of you to La Jolla Country Day School’s 52nd commencement ceremony. 

Graduating seniors, the board of trustees, faculty and staff, families and friends of graduating seniors, fellow members of the Country Day community, it is my pleasure to greet all of you on this day of recognition.
First and foremost, I wish to congratulate you, our new graduates, on your tremendous achievement. To be awarded a diploma from La Jolla Country Day requires a high level of dedication and competence.
At Country Day, learning and education is a partnership of mutual commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, to the development of expertise and skills, and embracing of appropriate values and attitudes.
Your graduation today is testimony that you have fulfilled your side of the partnership. You have displayed the necessary commitment to learn, to acquire knowledge and to live a life of integrity and character.
Today we recognize the achievements of 118 very fine young adults. Talented young adults who are prepared to make a difference wherever their journey may take them. Our confidence in them is not based upon what they have accomplished; it is based upon who they have become.
We recognize the effort, the energy, the enthusiasm, the love and the sacrifices that have been made by you, their parents, family, friends, and benefactors; all who have contributed generously to providing these graduates a Country Day education.
We also recognize our faculty and staff for their devotion and professionalism.  The success we celebrate today is in large part a result of you and we thank you for all you do and for the love and wisdom you provide our students each and every day.
And finally, to our graduates who are inspiring greatness for a better world— thank you for fulfilling that promise. With great respect, we salute you. 

La Jolla Country Day School

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