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Hall of Fame Nominations


A person can qualify for the Hall of Fame by falling into one of the following categories:
  • Athlete: a graduate from LJCDS who participated in LJCDS athletics and earned a letter in a particular sport and has been out of high school for a minimum of 10 years
  • Coach/Administrator: Coaches or administrators at LJCDS are eligible after they retire from LJCDS.
  • Friend of sport: loyal friend to the athletic program who has offered meritorious service
  • Team: a LJCDS team that has distinguished itself through extraordinary efforts and accomplishments and has been out of high school for a minimum of 10 years
The purpose of the LJCDS Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor and recognize individual athletes, teams, coaches, administrators and friends of sport who have made a significant contribution to Torrey athletics.

Hall of Fame Committee Members

The Hall of Fame Committee consists of seven members:
  • LJCDS athletic director
  • A current member of the coaching staff to be appointed by the athletic director
  • A retired member of the coaching staff to be appointed by the athletic director
  • Booster Club president or their appointed representative
  • Alumni coordinator
  • Head of school or their appointed representative
  • LJCDS graduate to be appointed by the alumni coordinator.
All committee members will have full voting privileges concerning committee action. The current athletic director will act as chairman of the committee. The vice chairman and secretary will be voted on from within the committee.
For the Hall of Fame committee to conduct official business, a quorum of five members must be present.


  • The LJCDS Hall of Fame Committee will present the inductee with a 7x9 citation that will include a photo from school (if available) and text about the person and their accomplishments.
  • The citation will be presented at an appropriate event such as the Hall of Fame dinner. They may also be recognized at an event in which the person participated.
  • A duplicate citation will be placed in the Smith Gymnasium foyer.

Selection Process

  • Hall of Fame inductions will take place every other year. 
  • Nominations can be submitted to the committee at anytime by anyone.
  • Nomination forms can be filled online or obtained from the athletic office.
  • The nomination must be seconded by a member of the committee in order to become a member of the Hall of Fame. 
  • To qualify, a nominee must receive a minimum of five votes from the committee members present.
  • A maximum of three candidates in each category; individual, team, coach, can be enrolled in any one year. It is not necessary that the award be given each year.
  • A nomination made will be carried over for three, two-year cycles. Nominations that have not been voted into the Hall of Fame after three cycles will automatically be withdrawn. Nominees will be considered if they are nominated again.

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