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Grades 1–4 Curriculum

The Lower School curriculum emphasizes the language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Incorporated into the curriculum are the visual and performing arts, foreign language and culture, physical education, character education and computer and library education. The varied curricula enrich the child’s experiences at La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS) and serve as a crucial foundation for critical and creative thinking.
The goal of the Lower School community is to foster a love of knowledge and enhance the wonder of learning with a rich and varied curriculum. We are deeply committed to this goal and place an immeasurable value on each student’s intellectual exploration, personal growth and social responsibility.
We view learning as a journey, valuing the process and product. Concepts are taught at the developmentally appropriate stage using whole-group, small-group and individual instruction in our classrooms. We cultivate the gift of curiosity and provide the tools to access information and knowledge. The result is confident learners and well-rounded individuals.
We model the process of active listening and clear communication, teaching children to resolve conflicts, make thoughtful decisions, and engage in responsible behavior. Our students prepare to move beyond the Lower School as competent, secure and effective members of their future communities.

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