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La Jolla Country Day School's kindergarten is child-centered, honoring the intellectual, social and emotional life of each child. A rich and varied curriculum develops character and fosters a love of knowledge and each child's desire to learn. The faculty, through diverse teaching styles and interests, inspires creativity and imagination.


  • Safe, gated campus
  • Child-centered education
  • Field trips to extend learning beyond the classroom
  • Specially designed playground to meet social and motor skill needs
  • Library in each classroom
A Distinct Approach


  • Individualized reading program
  • Formal character education
  • Special activities: music, library, Spanish and daily physical education
  • Multiple approaches to address diverse learning styles
Explore the curriculum


  • Experienced, degreed lead and associate teachers
  • Strong faculty retention
  • Frequent collaboration and sharing of resources
  • Ongoing professional development
Meet our educators
I inspire greatness for a better world by teaching my children three key characteristics: confidence, risk-taking and grit. Confidence for a kindergarten student is instilling that ‘Yes, I can’ attitude in all endeavors. There are innumerable opportunities on a daily basis for risk-taking, a key component for successful innovators. Grit, the ability to stay on a task until completion regardless of challenges or frustration, will serve them in their future.

Terri Zimmerman
, kindergarten teacher

La Jolla Country Day School

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La Jolla, CA 92037

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