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Upper School Curriculum

The Upper School offers students a wide range of choices through the core curriculum, electives and activities to maintain our mission of educating the whole child. Our courses prepare students with the discipline and skills to succeed in college and beyond. Learn more about the curriculum in each academic department below or click here for a PDF of all Upper School course descriptions.

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Graduation Requirements

English: 4.0 credits
I, II, III, IV required

Math: 3.0 credits
Algebra II required

Social Science: 3.0 credits
World Cultures and Contemporary Problems I; WCCP II or equivalent; and some form of U.S. History required

World Language: 
3.0 credits
Two years and through Level 3 required

Science: 3.0 credits
Physics, Chemistry and Biology or AP Biology required

Fine Arts: 1.0 credit
One year-long course required

Athletics: 1.0 credit
Four .25 credits required

Electives: 3.0 credits

A minimum of 20 academic credits are required for graduation, in addition to one credit of athletics. Students must carry at least five courses per semester per year.  The only exception is for seniors, who can carry four courses if all graduation requirements have been met and all four of those courses are AP courses. Seventeen of the 20 minimum credits must conform to the above graduation requirements; the remaining three credits can be taken in any department. The La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS) graduation requirements are aligned to meet or exceed UC/Cal State University requirements.

Additional Requirements

  • Freshman Orientation participation
  • Experiential Education/College Trips participation
  • Community Service: at least 40 hours, including 10 on-campus hours
  • Physical Education/Athletics: A minimum total of four trimesters of physical education and/or seasons of athletics during Upper School. Physical Education/Athletic credit may also be earned through the independent PE and summer strength and conditioning programs. Please see athletic department handbook for details.
Load: Each semester, a student must carry a minimum of five courses.
Students can carry a maximum of six courses per semester.
Exception: Seniors may take four courses if all are AP classes and they have permission from the director.
    • Upper School

“I think, rather, that putting together a balanced schedule of classes is an important ingredient in every student’s recipe for happiness and ultimate success. I want to help students create balance and put themselves in a position to be happy, successful and the best version of themselves.”
–Dave Jenkins, Dean of Academics and Student Life

Read more in Recipe for Happiness and Success.

Community Service

Social responsibility is an integral part of the philosophy of LJCDS. The Community Service Board encourages students to step outside their comfort zones to give back to their community. As such, LJCDS students are required to perform at least 40 hours of community service by the end of their junior year. This service must be done off campus. LJCDS students are also required to complete 10 hours of school service before the end of the first semester of their senior year.

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