Upper School

Upper School Welcome

Our academic program serves to prepare students for matriculation and success at our nation’s finest and most selective colleges and universities. We encourage you to visit our college counseling page to learn more or talk with our college counselors about a program that is designed to find the “best fit” school for each student. 
While we’re proud of our students’ future successes in college, our mission is to prepare students for life. The student experience isn’t solely about the path to college but about the journey of education. In honoring LJCDS founder Louise Balmer’s educational philosophy, we believe in the importance of balancing traditional teaching with a progressive approach. We have extensive offerings in the core curriculum.

There is no single recipe at LJCDS because as Balmer believed, each child is unique. Our contoured learning approach serves the individual needs of a wide variety of students. The magic of discovering a scholar who has artistic gifts and throws a no-hitter inspires all of us.

To get a real feel for the beauty of an LJCDS education, please consider visiting classes, attending a play, watching a tennis match or joining us at one of the dozens of community service events throughout the year. You’ll get a better understanding of what we do by seeing who we are.

Student Reflections

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