Why Choose LJCDS?

Why Choose La Jolla Country Day School?

Families throughout San Diego County choose La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS) because they value an education that teaches students to think critically, creatively and independently. They seek a comprehensive program that develops the scholar, artist and athlete of character in each student.   

LJCDS is passionate about providing the best college preparatory education possible for our students—one that shapes them into creative thinkers and responsible global citizens. We achieve this through the stellar programs, people, facilities and values that define the LJCDS experience.

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  • Excellent Academics

    Within the framework of a traditional liberal arts education, LJCDS values the art of questioning, the ability to think creatively, the refinement of critical thinking skills, and the capacity to communicate effectively. From formative activities in the preschool to rigorous college preparatory classes, students at LJCDS receive the individualized attention that allows them to thrive both within and beyond the school environment.
  • Impressive Arts and Athletics

    LJCDS scholars enjoy diverse opportunities to explore their potential as artists and athletes.

    Through our performing and visual arts programs, students develop their creative and artistic expressions under the mentorship of expert teachers, all hired as practicing artists in their individual fields. Our Lower School arts program builds a compelling foundation for further exploration of our visual and performing arts opportunities in the Middle School, which prepare students for more concentrated studies at advancing levels in the Upper School.

    Through our physical education classes, young students develop sound habits of body and mind. Through participation in competitive sports, our Middle and Upper School students develop the skills as well as the important character traits that impact their success on and off the playing field. We currently have 45 Middle School teams and 55 junior varsity and varsity teams in the Upper School.
  • Attention to Character and Global Awareness

    LJCDS' commitment to excellence is framed within the bounds of character. The core values of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Fairness and Citizenship shape the character of LJCDS students.  

    Our students learn that compassion is essential and only possible with awareness of the human condition across the globe. They recognize that it is only possible to fulfill one’s responsibilities as a world citizen by understanding the needs of others.

    Community Service at LJCDS begins with the youngest students and extends throughout the school with service projects both domestic and abroad.  LJCDS students have a deep understanding that even a single helping hand can often make a significant impact. Community Service allows students to gain meaningful life experiences and develop leadership abilities and a deep awareness of the world in which we live.
  • Faculty of Distinction

    LJCDS attracts and retains a world-class faculty comprised of diverse and award-winning teachers. With 71 percent of the faculty holding postgraduate degrees, and an average of 15 years teaching experience at LJCDS, our teachers have the expertise, dedication and passion to effectively cultivate the minds of students who will enter an increasingly complex world. Developing in each student a love of learning, social conscience and fulfillment of an individual’s potential are the primary goals of LJCDS educators.
  • Dynamic Student Life

    We believe that the happiest and healthiest minds are developed when students are given opportunities to pursue new passions; overcome challenges; step outside of their comfort zone; cultivate meaningful relationships; and enhance leadership skills.

    LJCDS supports and develops the whole student through copious clubs and organizations and dedicated student support services including an advisory program, peer tutoring, guidance counseling, and the Learning Resource Center.
  • Appreciation of Diversity

    To prepare for a lifetime of intellectual exploration, LJCDS students must understand that the development of human knowledge is only possible with the creative tension that arises from different points of view.

    We believe that we are strengthened by our diversity, and we define diversity broadly: socioeconomically, culturally, racially, geographically and otherwise. LJCDS is proactive about teaching students the importance of diversity and inclusion within a world that is increasingly interconnected and multicultural. As students are prepared for leadership roles, they are taught how to communicate with and be respectful of others, beginning with the school community and extending beyond our nation’s borders.
  • Modern Facilities

    Our school understands the positive impact a student’s environment can have on his or her success. In the past decade, LJCDS has seen a total renovation of the 24-acre campus featuring a thoughtful design and distinct footprint for each division (Early Childhood, Kindergarten, Lower School, Middle School and Upper School).  

    The state-of-the-art Visual Arts and Science Center, the 2014 Upper School remodeling, the athletic complex (including six tennis courts, two weight rooms, and soccer, baseball, softball and football fields) as well as classrooms equipped with the latest technology all provide students with an environment that enhances learning.  

    Ready for launch in fall 2015, our Fab Lab, inspired by MIT’s fabrication lab, brings design learning, collaboration and innovation to the forefront. Our newly renovated Middle and Upper School library has been reimagined to include a technology support center and collaborative space for student learning. Our lobby redesign has been structured to present an increasingly warm, personalized experience for students, visitors and current families.
We welcome you to experience the difference at LJCDS for yourself. Tours and campus events are scheduled throughout the year. Contact us for information.


LJCDS is accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). In addition, the school is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).