Developing Scholars of Character

As a college preparatory institution, La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS) strives for academic excellence. It is our goal to develop the scholar, artist and athlete of character and provide students with the skills to succeed at the college or university level.

The academic curriculum provides students with a broad base of knowledge and experience, and it stimulates them to develop the habits of the mind that ensure future success. 
All students are expected to take an active role in their education, as they learn to ask the right questions and make pertinent connections. Within the arts program, students explore areas of particular interest, choosing from a rich array of visual and performing arts offerings. The physical education and athletics programs are designed to meet the physical needs, abilities and interests of the students within each division.

LJCDS emphasizes an understanding for all students that the value of learning lies in sharing with others and contributing to society. The curriculum at LJCDS reflects our commitment to the potential of individual achievement within a healthy and vibrant academic community.